Person:Experience Reed (3)

m. 10 May 1739
  1. Tabitha Reed1740 -
  2. Experience Reed1741 - bef 1811
  3. Solomon Reed1743 -
  4. Adam Reed1745 - 1792
  5. Stephen Reed1748 - 1806
  6. Huldah Reed1751 - 1791
  7. Abel Reed1754 -
  8. Mary Reed1756 -
  9. James Reed1758 - Aft 1811
  • HJoseph Joslin1742 - Bef 1772
  • WExperience Reed1741 - bef 1811
m. 21 Dec 1767
  • HSilas Reed1751 - 1800
  • WExperience Reed1741 - bef 1811
m. 6 Dec 1772
Facts and Events
Name Experience Reed
Gender Female
Birth[1] 23 Oct 1741 Abington, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage 21 Dec 1767 Abington, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United Statesto Joseph Joslin
Marriage 6 Dec 1772 Abington, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United Statesto Silas Reed
Death? bef. 5 Aug 1811 Abington, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States

Married Twice

The problems with the traditional sources start with Source:Reed, Jacob Whittemore. History of the Reed Family in Europe and America, which on p. 379 says Experience m. Josiah Joslin 21 Dec 1767 (a marriage of an Experience Reed and "Joseph Joshlyn" is indeed recorded in Abington VRs).

However, the mention of "Experience Reed" in her mother's will of 1807 would suggest she never married?

Further investigation leads to the conclusion that there does not seem to be another Experience Reed in Abington that could be the person who married Joseph Joslin, so the Reed Genealogy does not seem to be wrong in as much as it says. But how to resolve the discrepancy of her mother's will?

The Abington VRs show that Experience Joslin m. Silas Reed in 1772, 5 years after Experience Reed m. Joseph Joslin. If this was the widow of Joseph Joslin, that would solve the problem, but another traditional source, Source:Wessler, Edith S. Jocelyn--Joslin--Joslyn--Josselyn Family, identifies both Joseph Joslin and Experience Joslin as children of Abraham Joslin and Rebecca Tirrell.

There is no birth record for the Experience Joslin claimed by the Joslin Genealogy [birth is given as "?"], suggesting the possibility that her inclusion in this family is an assumption of the author. The author also asserts a death date for Experience Reed's husband, Joseph Joslin, of 5 Sep 1826. This would be difficult to work around, except no such record is found in Abington VRS, and it is suspiciously similar to the death date of Joseph's grandfather (Abraham's father), also named Joseph, which is recorded as 5 Sep 1726 in the Abington VRs. Two Joseph Joslins died exactly 100 years apart to the day? Odd enough to make one suspect a bookkeeping error. There are no children attributed to this marriage and nothing presented to show that it lasted past 1772.

So, circumstantially, it appears that the Joslin Genealogy was in error, that Experience Reed married twice, first to Joseph Joslin, and then to Silas Reed, and that only one person existed where these traditional sources had two separate individuals. This is not a slam dunk reversal, however, as Experience is 10 years old than Silas, which makes it an unusual pairing.

Proof comes from Experience's will [elsewhere on this page] where she identifies herself as the widow of Silas Reed, thus the Experience Joslin who married in 1772. Further, she identifies her sister as Molly Reed, her brother as James Reed and her brother's son as Goddard Reed. Silas Reed did not have a brother James (i.e., if she meant brother-in-law), but Experience Reed did have a natural brother named James. Source:Reed, Jacob Whittemore. History of the Reed Family in Europe and America, p. 380, Experience Reed's brother James, son of James Reed and Abigail Nash, m. Ruth Niles and had a son named Goddard "who lives in Randolph". Thus, the Experience Joslin who married Silas Reed was the same person as the Experience Reed who married Joseph Joslin.


From Source:Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States. Probate Records, 1686-1903; with Index and Docket, 1685-1967, p. 43:500 (FHL Film 0550902)

In the Name of God amen. I Experience Reed of the Town of Abington in the County of Plymouth & Commonwealth of Massachusetts Widow & Relict of Silas Reed of said Abington deceased, considering the uncertainty of Life and though weak in Body yet of perfect mind and Memory (blessed be God for it) do make & publish this my last Will & Testament in manner & form following, that is to say principally & first of all, I commend my Soul into the hands of God who gave it[,] my Body I commend to the dust to be interred or buried at the direction of my Executor.

The small property remaining in my possession after the payment of my just debts & funeral Charges by my Executor hereafter appointed, I give & bequeath in the following manner.

Item I give and bequeath to my Brother James Reed about one acre & an half of Land lying in the Town of Abington aforesaid, which land was set to me as my part of my Sister Molly Reed's Estate in her Father's lands given her before his decease, also my [poorest?] Featherbed and a Coverlet[,] a pair of Sheets[,] under bed & a bedstead made low to [??] under a high or common Bedstead

Item I give and bequeath to Goddard Reed Son of my Brother James Reed, about five acres & an half of Land lying in said Abington bounded northerly on the land that was formerly Adam Reed deceased: Reference being had to my Deed for the Boundaries of said Land. Also the whole of my right in the pew in Abington Meeting house of which my Father died seized. Also the whole of my household Furniture not before & hereafter disposed of together with the whole of my wearing apparel. Also the whole of the Notes of hand I hold against different persons that have not been paid to my Executor for the payment of my just debts and funeral charges, & my will is that as I have given him the said Goddard Reed so much of my property, he should be kind to his Father & help him under his needy circumstances so far as his Father's Prudence is improving what he gives him lays a Foundation for his Son's Generosity.

Item I given & bequeath to Harriet Burrell Daughter of Robert Burrell my Gold necklace, my Bed in the Chamber, under bed, one pair of sheets[,] a Coverlet, Bedstead & Bed [??]d & a Brass kettle holding about seven or eight Gallons to be delivered to her by me Executor when she shall arrive at the age of eighteen years.

And I do hereby constitute & appoint Philip Pratt of said Abington the sole Executor of this my last Will & Testament hereby revoking & disannulling all other & former Wills by me made & I do hereby order & direct my Executor to pay all my just debts & funeral Charges, & set up Grave Stones at my Grave hereby ratifying & confirming this to be my last will and Testament.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this nineteenth day of June in the year of our Lord 1811.

Witnesses: Robert Burrell, Salome Burrell, Daniel Shaw. Proved 5 Aug 1811.

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    Reed, Experience, d. James and Abigall [Abigail, CR1], [born] Oct. 23, 1741.

  2.   Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States. Plymouth County, Mass., Probate records, 1686-1903; with index and docket, 1685-1967. (Originals with town clerk, filmed by Genealogical Society of Utah, 1968), 42:245.

    Will of mother, widow Abigail Reed of Abington, dated 1 May 1807, bequeaths to daughter Experience Reed.