Person:Evert Stadt (1)

Evert Stadt
m. 30 Sep 1868
  1. Catharina Stadt1870 - 1870
  2. Catharina Stadt1872 - 1872
  3. Hendrikus Stadt1873 - 1952
  4. Berendina Stadt1876 - 1876
  5. Evert Stadt1877 -
  6. Willem Stadt1882 -
  7. Johannes Stadt1885 -
  8. Katrina Stadt1888 -
  9. Dina Stadt1888 -
  10. Fannie Elizabeth Stadt1891 - 1906
  11. Gertrude Stadt1894 -
m. Abt 1903
  1. Sarah Jane Stadt1918 - 1918
Facts and Events
Name Evert Stadt
Gender Male
Birth? 15 MAY 1877 Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, United States
Marriage Abt 1903 to Sarah Neider

"These Stadts were visited by Hendrik Winkel's sister Grietje and fam. They had emigrated from Holland m 1907 van Apeldoorn,Netherland. They lived for a while in Grand Rapids and by walking around in Grand Rapids they saw the name of Evert Stadt on a hardward store; Stadt was the name of Grietje's mother, therefore it drew thir attention, and decided to go in there, and talked to these people. They felt that these people were not very friendly to these poor emigrants, but found out they were related to these Stadts. There is another Stadt who disappeared by the name of Albert Stadt, never heard of again."