Person:Evert Borgman (1)

Evert Ipes Borgman
m. 24 Feb 1849
  1. Worp Borgman1850 -
  2. Neeltje BorgmanAbt 1856 -
  3. William BorgmanAbt 1859 -
Facts and Events
Name Evert Ipes Borgman
Gender Male
Birth? 24 Jan 1820 Kloosterburen, Groningen, Netherlands
Marriage 24 Feb 1849 Kloosterburen, Groningen, Netherlandsto Reinou Worp van Peyma
Census[2] 28 Sep 1850 Warren (township), Somerset, New Jersey, United States
Census 28 Sep 1850 Warren, Somerset, New Jersey, United Stateswith Reinou Worp van Peyma
Census[1] Jul 1860 Lancaster, Erie, New York, United States
Census 1860 Lancaster, Erie, New York, United Stateswith Reinou Worp van Peyma

Groninger Emigranten 1849

A NARRATIVE OF THE EMIGRATION OF THE FAMILIES OF MRS. IDSARDI, MR. J. H. ZUIDEMA, MR. J. G. DYKSTRA, MR. H. T. KOOPMAMS, MR. W. VAN PEYMA, MR. J. W. YAH PEYMA, AND MR. R. W. VAH PEYMA, FROM: FRIESLAND, KINGDOM OF NETHERLANDS, to THE STATES OF NEW YORK IN THE YEAR 1849, by Mr. T. E. Idsardi. The following is a list of persons' names who left their homes in Friesland, Kingdom of the Netherlands, on the 8th day of May, 1849.

This company, consisted of twenty-eight persons who went by steamer Herman, from Brainer Haven, Germany, to New York, U. S. of America. There were also others who went, but the same went by sailing vessel, intending to go as servants. At least, they were brought for that purpose, it being then understood that help was not as plentiful in the new country as in the old.

The names and the ages of the persons so emigrating are as follows:

Names. Ages. Worp Yan Peyma 53 Ytje van der l«r Yan Peyma 30 Kieske Yan Peyma 13 Hendrik T. Koounians 37 Tietjske Y. Botma Koopmans 37 Japke E. Koopmans 10 Waltje H. Koopmans 5 Tjeerd) Seth H. Koopmans 3 Grietje H. Koopmans Infant Jan H. Zuideman 26 Ytje T. Koopmans Idsardi 43 Geertje E. Koopmans Idsardi 12 Tieerd E. Idsardi 9 Williaa S. Idcard.i 4 Jan G. Dykstrc 35 Tryntie I. Stiensma Dykstra 32 Saakie J. Dvkstra 12 Yme J. Dykstra 5 Gerrit J. Dykstra Wikje J Dykstra Gerrit Dykstra Sr, father of Jan G Dykstra Saakje Dykstra, his wife Jacobus W. Van Peyma Yetske Klaassez Van Peyma Syke Van Peyma Worp Van Peyma Jan Van Peyma Anna Bartmens Van Feyma Avert Borgman Reino Eorrman, his wife Tryntje Dykstra Jantje DyKstra Runia de Boer Tryntje de Boer

The last two came on a sailing vessel with, the barrage as far as Brewer Haven, where they also went aboard the steamer "Herman".

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