Person:Eva Gomes Ferreira (1)

b.BET 1430 AND 1440
  1. Guimar FerreiraAbt 1420 -
  2. Adao FerreiraAbt 1422 -
  3. Gaspar Goncalves FerreiraAbt 1427 -
  4. Belchior Goncalves FerreiraAbt 1429 -
  5. Eva GOMES FERREIRABet 1430 & 1440 -
  6. Izabel GoncalvesAbt 1432 -
  1. Brites Vaz FerreiraBet 1415 & 1425 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3][4] Eva GOMES FERREIRA
Alt Name Eva Gomes Ferreira
Gender Female
Alt Birth? ABT 1422 of Funchal, Madeira, PT
Birth? BET 1430 AND 1440

Paulo questions whether she is real or fantasy..

check birthdate -note says 1422 This is the famous Eva-supposedly the first female born on the Isle of Madeira-her bbrother Adamo born before her. from the Title of Ferreiras

Per Miguel: she is a descendant of Gonçalo Aires Ferreira the first navigator ever to have set foot in Madeira. And Gonçalo Aires Ferreira is the founding father of all Ferreiras Casta Grande. And he is a descendant of the Lords of Cavaleiros, in Portugal, a powerful, noble and old family. The "good" Ferreiras from Portugal stem por the House of Cavaleiros. He was a learned man, considered to be the wisest of the bunch of half-pirates that composed the first crew of João Gonçalves Zarco ship. Apparently he wrote a memoir of the discovery of Madeira that was lost. And thus he was the first Madeiran historian ever. Of course he was a Knight, with coat of arms: the Ferreiras in plenum. She is also a descendant of D. Afonso Henriques, our first King a descendant of Charlemagne, Emperor a descendant of Hughes Capet, King of France Descendant of William I, King of England Descendant of Fernando I King of Leon and Castille Father of Eva: Gonçalo Aires Ferreira Mother: N. Married Vasco Fernandes about 1455

Per Paulo: it was assumed that João Adão, Antónia's ancestor, was from the Ferreiras - something I believe is far from certain, and actually quite improbable. This sinks, of course, that romantic story about the first child born in Madeira being Adão and Eva (Eva was never documented), but it has always been improbable, anyway.

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    Vasco Fernandes (the purposed Eva's husband) was a real - and illustrious - person, who among many things, founded the Hospital of Angra do Heroismo acting on orders of D. Manuel, then Duque de Beja. He was a squire of the ducal house, documented in Funchal since 1466. He was then serving D. Fernando, the "Infante Santo". The problem is that we don't know from primary sources who he married, or even if he left descendants in Madeira.
    I have, however, a Vasco Fernandes Ferreira documented as Homem Bom da Câmara in 1501, Funchal, who may be a possible descendant.