Person:Esther Blair (1)

m. Bef 1690
  1. James BlairABT 1693 -
  2. John Lyle Blair1694 -
  3. Janet (Jennie) BlairABT 1697 -
  4. William BlairABT 1700 -
  5. Martha BlairABT 1703 -
  6. Daniel BlairABT 1705 - abt 1808
  7. Phebe BlairABT 1706 -
  8. Janet Blair1706 -
  9. Elizabeth Blair1708 -
  10. Anne (Nancy) BlairABT 1708 -
  11. Rev. Samuel Blair1712 - 1751
  12. Esther Blair1713 - 1774
  13. Mary Blair1714 -
  14. William Blair1715 - 1788
  15. Nancy BlairABT 1720 -
  16. James Blair1722 -
  17. Martha Blair1728 -
m. 18 SEP 1731
  1. Rev. James Lyle1732 - bef 1791
  2. Elizabeth LyleABT 1734 -
  3. Capt. John LyleABT 1736 - 1793
  4. William Lyle
  5. Martha LyleAbt 1740 -
  6. Robert LyleAbt 1740 -
Facts and Events
Name Esther Blair
Gender Female
Birth? 1713 of Ballyvoy, Antrim Co., Ireland
Christening? ABT 1713 of Ballyvoy, Antrim, Ireland
Marriage 18 SEP 1731 to Matthew Lyle
Death? 1774 Augusta Co., Augusta Co., Va

One source claims that Esther Blair was the daughter of Rev. Robert Blair.

  1.   Lyle, Oscar K. Lyle family : the ancestry and posterity of Matthew John, Daniel and Samuel Lyle, pioneer settlers in Virginia. (New York: Lecouver Press, 1912), Pages 4, 5.

    When Matthew Lyle married Esther Blair in 1731, his father, James Lyle, was the lessee of some lands near by. On these leased lands Matthew Lyle made his home and lived some years. On expiration of the lease the lands passed to a John Patton as the highest bidder. Thus deprived of a home Matthew Lyle decided to join in the movement to America. The site of the early home of Matthew Lyle must have been highly favorable to be chosen at a later date by the Chichester family as a residential spot. It is related that this new home stands on the exact site were Matthew Lyle lived and that some of the old foundations, were utilized in its construction. Matthew Lyle married, in 1731, Esther Blair, whose lineage is elsewhere given. The record of the proclamation of the banns of this marriage was found in the church at Larne. Elizabeth, the oldest daughter of Matthew Lyle, was left in Ireland when her parents came to America. She was the life renewable in lease of lands to an uncle, Daniel Blair. Evidently it was intended she should come later to America, but she married in, or near, 1750, and this kept her in Ireland. Her first husband was William Thompson, by whom she had three daughters. Her second husband was Matthew Donald, a cousin of her first husband. By Donald she has issue born in Ireland and America. One of her children was born at sea, which establishes the date of here coming in 1775. Matthew Lyle died in Virginia in 1774. By his will, 110 acres of land on Timber Ridge was given to his daughter Elizabeth "on condition she come in from Ireland within the terms of three years". She brought with her the three daughters by Thompson. It will strike the readers of this book how many are the descendants of these three Thompson girls who married in this country and had home in Tennessee