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Estelle Leona Esther Summach
m. 07 JAN 1913
  1. Summach1913 - 1913
  2. Mansfield Ivan Summach1915 - 1915
  3. Emerson Hilton Summach1916 - 1964
  4. Muriel Beulah Summach1917 - 1992
  5. Delbert Justin Summach1919 - 1983
  6. Malcolm Irwin Summach1920 - 1998
  7. Olive Summach1922 - 2013
  8. Kenneth Frederick Summach1924 - 2015
  9. Manley Gordon Summach1926 - 2006
  10. Estelle Leona Esther Summach1927 - 2001
  11. Frederick Stanley Summach1929 - 2008
m. 07 JUL 1948
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3] Estelle Leona Esther Summach
Alt Name Stella Summach
Gender Female
Birth[4][5][1][3] 04 MAY 1927 Delisle, Saskatchewan, Canada
Education? ABT 1932 Avondale, Saskatchewan, Canadaat the Avondale school
Baptism? ABT 1939
Marriage 07 JUL 1948 Asquith, Saskatchewan, CanadaAsquith Baptist Church
to Dr. Graeme Francis Moffat
Residence? 1965 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada1327 King Crescent
Residence? JAN 1978 Abbotsford, British Columbia, CanadaLincoln Road
Medical? Summach Spinocerebellar Ataxia
Death? 01 JUN 2001 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canadain the Royal University Hospital
Burial? 06 JUN 2001 Hillcrest Memorial Gardens, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Other? Illness

My mother, Estelle Leona Esther Moffat nee Summach never mentioned her infant cousin, Leona Esther Ohlman. It appears that sisters Rose and Esther Krieger named daughters as Leona Esther.

First, Rose included Esther in her daughter's name, possibly after her younger sister Esther

Second, Esther named my mother, Estelle including Leona Esther as her middle names. Possibly this was to remember her deceased sister, Rose, and her deceased niece, Leona Esther Ohlman. Alternatively, both children were named for another "Leona Esther."

Estelle Leona Esther (nee Summach) Moffat from Memorial Service Bulletin

Mom was born to Frederick and Esther Mary Martha Summach on Wednesday, May 4, 1927 in Delisle, Saskatchewan. She passed away in Saskatoon's Royal University Hospital on Friday, June 1, 2001 shortly after her 74th birthday.

Estelle was raised on the family farm in the Avondale district. She attended Avondale School and the Avondale Baptist Church. Rev. Max Baxter baptized her in 1939. Mom quit school after grade 9 to care for her mother who was in declining health. In 1943 the family had moved to Asquith. She worked hard in those days, caring for those brothers and sisters still at home. Her mother passed away in June 1945.

Within a couple of years Estelle met Graeme, the new young veterinarian in town. They were married in the Asquith Baptist Church on a stormy Wednesday, July 7, 1948. Her brother-in-law Harvey had to carry her across the muddy street to the church. That night lightning struck Hugh McKee's barn; it burned down.

Mom was kept busy in the early years of their marriage manning the telephone while Dad was out on calls, and dispensing medicine from his home office. She got used to calls at all hours of the day and night. A growing family: <names of living individuals have been removed,> added to her busy routine. In 1963 Dad left his practice and took a job as a Federal Meat Inspector. Mom no longer had to deal with the details of a veterinary practice, but now had weekly trips to Saskatoon for music lessons, medical appointments, shopping and much more. She provided a wonderful, loving home for all of us.

During these years church and extended family formed the centre of her life. Mom was always musical. She loved to sing in the choir and in smaller ensembles. The Married Couples club seemed to have a lot of fun at their periodic gatherings. In 1965 Estelle and family followed Graeme to Moose Jaw. She immediately helped her family settle in to an unfamiliar environment. She became actively involved with First Baptist Church and made a new circle of life-long friends.

About this time Mom and Dad started to winter in Arizona with a number of friends and relatives. They loved these extended holidays and all of the associated activities. They enjoyed numerous other trips with friends and relatives. They always returned with stories of mishaps and adventures along the way.

In January 1978 Graeme and Estelle moved to Abbotsford, B.C. We heard a lot about their new friends at the Abbotsford [Maranatha) Baptist Church. A few years later Mom served on the building committee for their new church. Once again, the church was a central part of their social and spiritual life. Dad retired on a disability pension in 1984.

In June 1991 Mom and Dad moved back to Saskatoon and resumed their well-earned retirement. As health permitted, they attended Emmanuel Baptist Church. By this time they had six grandchildren in Saskatoon: <names of living individuals have been removed.> Their other three grandchildren: <names of living individuals have been removed> were in Sherwood Park, Alberta and later in Lewisville, Texas.

Through all these years 'Stell was always busy decorating, entertaining and trying new crafts. She had the gift of humour, hospitality and friendship as evidenced by enduring links to friends from Asquith, Moose Jaw and Abbotsford. She had an interior designer's eye for decorating her home with dried weeds, driftwood, paintings, restored furniture, ornaments and dolls -- …especially dolls.

And she fussed over Graeme. Above all else, Mom loved her partner in marriage. They celebrated their 50th anniversary in July 1998. Mom and Dad have always been a team. They depended upon each other in the good times and the bad. There was always a twinkle in Dad's eye when Mom was in the room. After years of fussing over Dad, it became her turn to be dependent upon him for care. Since her major surgery on March 1, 2000, Estelle stayed close to home. As she weakened over the months, she relied more and more heavily on Graeme, and eventually on the staff of Saskatoon Home Care, and of Saskatoon Home Support.

Predeceased by: brothers Emerson, Delbert and Mac; sister Muriel; sister-in-law Verna; brothers-in-law Harvey Summach, Elmer Hume, Clarence Harvey and Herb Moffat. She is survived by brothers <living>, Manley (Joyce) and Fred (Laureen); sisters Olive and <names of living individuals have been removed>; brother-in-law <names of living individuals have been removed>; sisters-in-law Joyce Summach [Emerson's Joyce,] Vivian Summach, <names of living individuals have been removed>, Janet Hume, Annie Harvey and Shirley Moffat.

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