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Ernest Butt
d.15 MAY 1983
  1. Ernest Butt1902 - 1983
Facts and Events
Name[1] Ernest Butt
Gender Male
Birth[1] 21 DEC 1902 Bay City, Bay, Michigan
Residence[2][1] 1908 Windsor, Essex, Canada
Marriage Windsor, Essex, Ontario, Canadato Frances Emma Hicks
Death[1] 15 MAY 1983

ERNEST BUTT was born on 21 Dec 1902 at Bay City, Bay County, Michigan. Ernest was illegitimate. Ernest's father Fred was his uncle, married to his mother's sister Lucy. His mother was just 16 when he was born.

The Van Stone family had a history of Huntington's chorea (see The Van Stone Family Curse). Ernest's grandmother Mary was diagnosed choreic in 1893, at age 35. Mary's illness likely had an extremely negative effect on youngest daughter, Ernest's mother Caroline. This lead to family scandal as described in The Importance of Being Ernest. Grandfatheather Charles did not come off as a sympathetic figure throughout this.

Caroline's troubles weren't over and this lead to the birth of Ernest's half-sister Ruth.S1 Ernest does not appear in census records with his mother. His half-sister Ruth was adopted, by her great-uncle Thomas. It is likely that Ernest was also adopted, although no record has been found.

ERNEST lived in 1908 at Windsor, Essex, Canada. He married FRANCES EMMA HICKS, daughter of SAMUEL HICKS and EMMA PIGEON, at Windsor, Essex County, Ontario, Canada. The couple had no children. Ernest's father-in-law engineered the building of the tunnel between Windsor Canada and Detroit Michigan.

ERNEST died on 15 May 1983 at age 80.

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