Person:Ephriam Ball (1)

Ephriam Ball
b.9 Apr 1749
  1. Jemina BallAbt 1747 -
  2. Ephriam Ball1749 -
  3. Abigail Ball1750 -
  4. Lucetta Ball1750 -
  5. Phebe Ball1751 -
  6. Moses BallAbt 1751 -
  7. John BallAbt 1754 -
Facts and Events
Name Ephriam Ball
Gender Male
Birth? 9 Apr 1749
Marriage Parsippany,New Jersey,USAto Mary Hedden

Ball, Ephraim served as a private in Capt. Isaac Halsey's militia.Parsippany (S-499) he married Mary Hedden, Jan 9, 1775 and lived inHanover Township, New Jersey.

Ephraim Ball page 121, 154, 238 30May1781 - Ephraim Ball, Troy, adv. thatall persons indebted to him are desired to make payment by 1st July. NewJersey Journal. 22Jan1783 - Ephraim Ball adv. for sale the noted publickhouse at Troy where he now lives. New Jersey Journal. 17Jan1787 - AbrahamKitchel, Agent forConfiscated Estates in Morris Co, adv. that severallots and tracts will be soldFeb 19th at the house of Daniel Halsey,innkeeper, Morristown, among which are:-all right of David Ogden to atract of about sixty acres in Hanover, adjoininglands of Henry Howel,Ephraim Ball and Abraham Osborn. New Jersey Journal, Elizabethtown.

May have been a member of The Hanover Township Militia