Person:Emma Wardwell (5)

Emma J. Wardwell
b.8 JUL 1864 Gratiot County, MI
d.14 JUL 1944 Michigan
m. 12 JAN 1854
  1. David S. Wardwell1855 - 1857
  2. Sarah E. Wardwell1858 - 1902
  3. George Henry Wardwell1860 - 1952
  4. Emma J. Wardwell1864 - 1944
m. 7 NOV 1883
  1. Kathryn Wright1884 -
  2. Henry Wright1887 -
  3. Harvey Wright1888 - 1889
Facts and Events
Name Emma J. Wardwell
Gender Female
Birth[1] 8 JUL 1864 Gratiot County, MI
Marriage 7 NOV 1883 Clinton County, MIto William L. Wright
Death[2] 14 JUL 1944 Michigan
Burial? Payne, Ontonagon, MI

Letters from Emma to her brother George about the death of her son Harvey

Feb. 17 Dear Brother:

I will try and write you a few lines tonight. We laid little Harvey to rest yesterday. It is very hard to give him up but I suppose it must be for the best. He was only sick from Saturday night, three o'clock till Thursday night, half past eight o'clock. Ma and Sarah will come Wednesday if nothing happens. I must close now so good bye. Come out as soon as you can.


Postal Card to George about the death of Catherine Aldrich Wardwell

Sept. 10, 1897 Dear Brother:

Mother died at 12 o'clock today. Will be buried Sunday. I will write more as soon as I have time.


Sept. 19 1897

Dear Brother:

I will try and write to you today. I just got home yesterday. I staid (sic) and helped to up the work. I had been there 3 weeks when Ma died. I went up there on Sunday and Monday night. She was taken worse. She did not know anyone nor speak for several hours. We thought several times she was dying in the next few days then she began to get a little better but not to gain any strength. Then she began to get worse for a couple of days and then she had one of them spells on Sunday again. She wasn't so long that time before she could speak and knew us. Still she never was really in her right mind after that, but still she knew us apart on Wednesday before she died. Friday noon she was getting ready to go home with me. She said she was going when I did and wanted me to go that night. She has suffered awfully this summer. I set up with her alone till 2 o'clock that night she died she was awful restless till 11 o'clock then she begun to get easier. She went to sleep about 3 o'clock. I got up again at 5. She never moved only one hand after I got up she just slept herself away.

Oh George, I wish you and Anna could of been here. I have helped take care of Ma 5 weeks this summer and she was just as patient all the time. Well, Geo. I can't never wish Mother back but oh I shall miss her so.

Well, George, Sarah divided up Ma things kind of funny. She give me a feather bed and the bedstead. I did not get a quilt or any of the carpet. She kept the springs. I don't know what she is going to do with your cupboard or center table. I took what she give me and made no amount to nothing. I feel awful sorry for Sarah who has went barefooted and every other way this summer, but they sold a yearling and have got things fixed up for the present. I kept them in butter for 8 weeks. I have always helped them all I could but now Ma is gone, I can't do as much as I have done. My own family needs it.

I have not heard what the place was sold for. Don't know whether they will get anything out of it to help pay the expenses or not. I did think I would stay and help some, but they kept everything of any value and have had the use of the place so I don't know as I can do anything. But still I would help if Will was as well as he usually is. I will send you some of the flowers as soon as I can go to town. This is a piece of white ribbon that Katie got to tie flowers with.

Well, George, do you and Anna ever intend to come back and make us a visit? Well, I don't know as I have got time to write any more this morning. I want to sent the children something as soon as I can. I hope to hear from you right away.

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