Person:Elroy Blondheim (1)

Elroy Blondheim
b.30 Jul 1895 Erbacon, Webster, WV
m. 28 Jan 1883
  1. Stannis Blondheim1883 - 1960
  2. Charles Luther Blondheim1885 - 1947
  3. Ernest Blondheim1887 -
  4. Olive Alice Blondheim1890 - 1937
  5. William Henry Blondheim1893 - 1975
  6. Elroy Blondheim1895 -
  7. George Horad Blondheim1897 - 1983
  8. Melva Blondheim1900 -
m. 4 May 1917
  1. Betty Blondheim - 1929
  2. Geraldine Fern Blondheim1921 - 1987
  3. Jerome Blondheim1928 - 1992
  4. Ben Blondheim1929 - 1986
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3][4] Elroy Blondheim
Alt Name[5] Roy Blondheim
Gender Male
Birth[1][2][3][4][5] 30 Jul 1895 Erbacon, Webster, WV
Marriage 4 May 1917 Menominee, WIto Emma Pansch
Residence[4] 1930 Barberton, Summit, Ohio
Residence[5] Not Stated, Oconto, Wisconsin
Other[5] Oconto, OcontoOther-Begin

Waukesha Freeman - June 22, 1933 Arrest two as Robbery Suspects Two men sought on charges of kidnaping and robbing a bank messenger of $11,000 Thursday, were expected to be returned here today from northern Wisconsin and upper Michigan where they were arrested. Harry Koeferl, 30, was captured by Sheriff Edward Moore and deputies of Forest county after they surrounded him in a wilderness cabin. Sheriff Moore said Koeferl had $7,821 in currency and had admitted his guilt. At Iron Mountain, MI., Roy Blondheim was arrested and held for Green Bay authorities on accessory charges in the holdup of Lawrence Kaiser, west side bank messenger. Iron County, MI authorities said Blondheim was carrying $2,900 in currency when found.

Sheboygan Press - July 3, 1933

Accomplice of Koeferl Given Prison Term

Roy Blondheim, 36, was sentenced to from one to three years in Waupun prision in municipal court here last week. Aster he pleaded guilty to a charge of stealing $3,000 belonging to the West Side State Bank. This was the sum he admitted receiving from Harry Koeferl, former Sheboygan man, who abducted Lawrence Kaiser, the menssenger, and robbed him of $11,000. At first Blondheim pleaded not guilty and demanded trial. Yesterday, however he changed his pleas and was sentenced. koeferl pleaded guilty to a robbery charge and was sentenced to from three to fifteen years. Blondheim did not take part in the actual robbery and abduction but drove the car in which Koeferl escaped after tying up Kaiser in his auto near Peak's Lake. He said he did not know of the robbery until Koeferl handed him the $3,000 that night with instructions to "keep his mouth shut."

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