Person:Elmer Decker (1)

Elmer Ellsworth Decker
m. 1859
  1. Eleanor F. DeckerAbt 1861 -
  2. James M. DeckerAbt 1864 - 1888
  3. Elmer Ellsworth Decker1866 - 1943
  4. Mary DeckerAbt 1868 -
  5. Herbert R. DeckerAbt 1873 - 1956
  6. Etta DeckerAbt 1874 -
m. 21 Jul 1892
  1. Florence Mae Decker1893 - 1971
  2. Walter Montgomery Decker1896 - 1981
  3. Eathel B Decker1899 - 1976
  4. Ethel E Decker1899 - 1988
  5. Frances Angeline Sarah DeckerAbt 1902 -
  6. Elmer Ellsworth Decker, Jr1903 - 1970
  7. Mary L Decker1906 - 1986
  8. Gertrude Etta Decker1908 - 1999
  9. Helen Lucille Decker1910 - 1990
  10. Douglas Alton Decker1918 - 1990
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Elmer Ellsworth Decker
Gender Male
Birth[1][3][2] 16 Jan 1866 Gaines, Genesee, Michigan, United States
Marriage 21 Jul 1892 to Mary Elizabeth Maxwell
Death[3] 22 Jun 1943 Flint, Genesee, Michigan, United States

Louise McLain Shambaugh has that his middle initial is M.

John Decker has born in 1867

Donna Corcoran has his middle name as Ellsworth and Burial: Flint Memorial Cemetary,Mt.Morris Twp.,Genesee Co.,Mich. Cause of death:Pneumonia He was a tall man, over 6', very strong. In his life he had many professions lumberjack, farmer, fisherman, factory worker, and last but far from the least, he was a father, of thirteen children. When they married they bought a 40 acre farm in Edwards Twp, Ogemaw Co., Michigan. He has been described,by his children,as a very gentle giant.They raised 13 children, all seemed to turn out well,I believe they all have very strong oppinions.He even traveled to Minn. to cut lumber,taking wife and 2 oldest children along, and the 3rd was born there, in Grand Marais, Minn.I know he would use his horses and oxen for collatoral to get a loan and pay it off when his crops came in. It is very interesting reading the old papers he kept. He kept logs on almost everything, buying food, going on trips, paying for help, getting paid to help,necessities for the family, everything had a log book. I have inherited a large wooden box, that has so many papers, and little log books, it is fun to look through..

1910 Census of Edwards Township, Ogemaw County, Michigan, p. 260 Decker, Elmer E. head 43 M1 18 yrs MI NY NY Farmer, general farm

             Mary        wife     32 M1 18 yrs 8 - 8  MI  NY  MI
            Florrer M.  dau     16               MI  MI   MI
            Walter M.  son     13           MI  MI   MI
            Esther B.   dau     11               MI  MI   MI
            Ethel E.     dau     11              MI  MI   MI
           Angeline    dau      8           MI  MI   MI
           Elmer E.    son      6           MI  MI   MI
           Mary         dau      4               MI  MI   MI
           Etta           dau   1 6/12      MI  MI   MI

1920 Elmer is living with daughter Florence and family in Flint, Genesee County along with his daughters Ethel and Esther.

1930 Census of Flint, Genesee County, Michigan ED #89, p. 2B Lived on Reynolds St. Decker, Elmer E. head 64 md at 26 MI NY NY Laborer, greenhouse

            Mary           wife       52  md at 15    MI   NY  MI
          Elmer E., Jr.  son       26  div at 20    MI   MI   MI      Truck driver, furniture store
          Russell         son       16                    MI   MI   MI
         Margery         dau       12                    MI   MI   MI
          Douglas        son       11                    MI   MI   MI
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