Person:Ellis Nix (1)

Ellis (418-14-8136) NIX
b.15 Aug 1916 Alabama
  1. Roscoe Nix1905 - 1993
  2. Lucile NIX1911 - 1913
  3. J.B. NIX1914 - 1914
  4. Ellis (418-14-8136) NIX1916 - 1992
  5. Addis Ruth (418-20-2552) NIX1918 - 2001
  6. Berlie Ethridge NIX1921 - 1996
  7. Ophelia A. NIX1927 - 1946
  • HEllis (418-14-8136) NIX1916 - 1992
Facts and Events
Name Ellis (418-14-8136) NIX
Gender Male
Birth? 15 Aug 1916 Alabama
Marriage to Unknown
Death? 23 Feb 1992 Alabama (age 75y, 6m, 10d)Y Age: 75y, 6m, 10d
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RUTH ELKINS Request Information

SSN 418-20-2552 Residence: 35906 Rainbow City, Etowah, AL

Born 28 Aug 1918 Last Benefit:

Died 9 Mar 2001 Issued: AL (Before 1951)

ELLIS NIX Request Information

SSN 418-14-8136 Residence:

Born 15 Aug 1916 Last Benefit:

Died 23 Feb 1992 Issued: AL (Before 1951)

1930 Federal Censue, Alabama, Bloount County, Moores, District 3, Image 17 of 18, Alabama, Blount, Precinct 3, Moores, Enumerated by me on April %, 1930 James E. Casey, ED5-3, Sheet 9A, stamp 24, written #585,

Nix, Jennings D., Head, R, yes, M, W. 42, M, 16, no, yes, Alabama, Alabama, South Carolina, 82, Farmer, General Farm, vvvv, O, yes, no, 151, line 1.

     , Molly A. Wife, F, W, 43, M, 18, no, yes, Alabama, Alabama,  Alabama,  yes none, 
     , Ellis E., Son, M, 13, S, yes, yes, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama,  Laborer, General farm, vvvv, W, yes, 
     , Addis R, (Maybe Ruth?) Daughter, F, W, 11, S, yes, yes, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama,   Laborer, general farm, vvvv, W, yes, 
     , Berlie Ene?, Son, M, W, 8, S, Yes, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama,   none, 
     , Irent A., Daughter, F, W, 6, S. no, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama,  none, 
     , Ophelia A., Daughter, F, W, 3-6/12, S. No, Alabama, Alabama,  Alabama, none, 

Alberton??, H. Rus, Hired Hand, 22, S. no, yes, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama, Laborer,, General farm, vvvv W, yes, yes, line 8.

1930 United States Federal Census Viewing records 1-1 of 1 Matches ��� Nix, Jennings D � View Image Online � Age: 42 Year: 1930 � Birthplace: Alabama Roll: T626_4 � Race: White Page: 9A � State: Alabama ED: 3 � County: Blount Image: 0049 � Township: Moores � Relationship: Head

Nix, Daughter, of Ellis and Oletha Nix, born dead 11 Jan 1938 Center Methodist Church Cemetery

Township 12 South, Range 2 East, Secton 4

Location: About six miles North of Oneonta on Highway 75, then right on County Road 36; church and cemetery are on the left after about a half mile, Blount County, Alabama

Originally surveyed by Jack V. Horton and Ralph H. Allred of Gadsden, Alabama on 8 Feb 1964; completely resurveyed by Robin Sterling 30 Jun 02

Now to the Jennings Nix that I knew, I do not remember his wife but I remember him and all the children well, they are: 1. Ellis Nix married Letha ? (Letha had relatives who lived

   behind what is now Robertson Grocery on Hwy. 75 near
   Lamb Stone Company. in Blount Co.)

2. Irene Nix married Woodson Pate.

      Child:  Roger Pate married Sherry Hubbard?�
                Roger had two sons, Jason and ?

3. Ruth Nix married (Buster) Elkins.

       Children:  Jackie Wayne Elkins
                      Brenda Elkins

4. Roscoe Nix married Cena Brown (no children) 5. Burley Nix married ? 6 Ophelia Nix, Ophelia was killed in a car wreck if I

    remember correctly before she married.