Person:Ellen Goff (1)

Ellen Maria Goff
b.7 SEP 1846 Ware, Massachusetts
m. 9 NOV 1843
  1. Henry Franklin Goff1844 -
  2. Ellen Maria Goff1846 - 1893
  3. Mary Jane Goff1851 - 1914
  4. Emma Amelia Goff1859 -
m. 2 SEP 1863
  1. Willie Watrous1865 - 1866
  2. Frederick Watrous1867 - 1938
  3. Emma Jane Watrous1869 - 1954
  4. Alice Maria Watrous1872 - 1950
  5. Benjamin Franklin Watrous1875 - 1950
Facts and Events
Name Ellen Maria Goff
Gender Female
Birth[1][3] 7 SEP 1846 Ware, Massachusetts
Residence? 1860 Ware, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts
Residence? 2 SEP 1863 Palmer, Massachusetts
Marriage 2 SEP 1863 Three Rivers, Town of Palmer, Hampshire Co. Massachusettsto Benjamin Watrous
Residence? 13 NOV 1863 Chinese Camp Tuolumne Co., California
Residence? AUG 1870 Chinese Camp Tuolumne Co., California
Residence? NOV 1870 Stockton, San Joaquin Co., California
Residence? 1880 Union St., Stockton, San Joaquin Co., California
Death[6][7] 24 JUL 1893 Oakland, Alameda, California
Occupation[4][5] Teacher in 1863 for Longmeadow, Massachussetts School No. 7
Burial[8][9] Stockton, San Joaquin Co, California

About Ellen Goff

Ellen Goff was the eldest daughter of Benjamin F. Goff. Her recently widowed mother, Amelia Calkins, was sister to Abel H. Calkins. Abel's wife was Sarah Maria Watrous.

In the spring of 1863 Ellen had an opportunity through her Uncle Henry (Abel H. Calkins) to teach school.I4 It was exactly 4 months after she received her teaching certificateI3, and 5 days before her 17th birthday, that she was married to Benjamin Watrous, the brother of her Aunt Sarah Watrous Calkins. They were married in Three Rivers, Massachusetts, September 2, 1863. Benjamin had left for the California gold rush in 1850. He returned in 1863 to meet and marry Ellen.

Mr. and Mrs. Watrous set out for California a few weeks after their marriage, leaving New York in October, and arriving by way of Panama and San Francisco to Chinese Camp, Tuolumne County, November 13, 1863. Here Mr. Watrous resumed his stock-raising pursuits, and in November, 1870, took up their residence in Stockton, San Joaquin County, California.S2 Eventually Ellen's siblings and mother all migrated after them to California.

Ellen became ill in time and was forced to spend time in Oakland for treatment and recovery. From there she would darn the clothing of her children and carry on extensive correspondence with her family. She was in constant pain and treated with such contraptions as electric batteries to try to subdue the pain. She returned home but went back in the early 1890s where she eventually died at the young age of 46.I5 I6

In her many correspondences her humor revealed her New England roots in its dry wit. Her husband was often the endearing target of her humor.

In the early 1890's one of her daughters, Alice, attended the University of California at Berkeley where such controversies as a woman attending gymnasium, or whether having her daughter's class photo with her hair down was appropriate, were actively debated in their letters. In these discussions Ellen rightfully thought that if gymnasium was good for boys, it must be equally good for girls. Both Ellen and her husband felt whether to have the hair up or down in the class photograph was a decision best left to their daughter trusting she would do what was best.

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