Person:Ella Gray (1)

Ella Boone Grey
b.9 Aug 1871 Dallas, Dallas, TX
d.22 Dec 1941 Colorado City, Texas
m. 3 Mar 1869
  1. Claudia Emma Gray1870 - 1877
  2. Ella Boone Grey1871 - 1941
  3. Mettie Allen Gray1874 - 1968
  4. Henry Gray1878 - 1883
  5. Viola Lester Gray1883 - 1963
Facts and Events
Name Ella Boone Grey
Alt Name Ella Boone Gray
Gender Female
Birth? 9 Aug 1871 Dallas, Dallas, TX
Living? 1880 Texas, United States
Marriage 3 Jan 1893 Colorado City, Texasto Daniel Lincoln Phillips
Alt Marriage 4 Jan 1893 Colorado City, Mitchell, TXto Daniel Lincoln Phillips
Other 1910 Texas, United StatesCensus
with Daniel Lincoln Phillips
Other 1920 Texas, United StatesCensus
with Daniel Lincoln Phillips
Death[3][4] 22 Dec 1941 Colorado City, Texas

Most of this biography is a summary of the work of Robert Phillips, PhD.

Ella Boone Gray was born on a farm near Dallas, Texas. She married Daniel Lincoln Phillips on 3 January 1893[6] on January 3 1893, "at the ranch home 30 miles [sic.] south of Colorado.[7]" They immediately left for Bowling Green, Ohio. Dan's father, Aaron had purchased a farm for them. Their first son, Harvey was born there, 1 Jan 1894.[8] They evidently preferred Texas as their next child, Alma was born a year and a half later on the ranch in Garza or Borden County northwest of Colorado City, Mitchell, Texas, United States, a year later, 22 July 1895.[9] Her daughter, Juliette Phillips Schwarzbeck believed that her mother didn't go home to have her children because Ella's parents didn't approve of the marriage. [10] Robert (Roy) Lincoln was born near Gail, Borden, Texas, United States 31 Aug 1896.[11]

They seemed to move around a bit. They owned land in Garza County, Crosby County and Mitchell County[12]. They purchased land from the railroad 7 July 1897 in Crosby County. They paid 1899-1900 property taxes in Mitchell County. They had a mortgaged home in Garza County in 1900, and paid 1901 property taxes in Garza County[13]. They showed up on the 1900 Garza County Census[14]. Dan was found hung in the barn after a border dispute with ranchers.

Ella was widowed at 46 after Dan had been threatened. Shortly before Dan's death,they had moved their bed. Shots had been fired into their bedroom and would have hit them if the bed had been in its original place. A few days later, Dan was found hung in the barn. We aren't sure what the contention was about. However, Dan did tell his son Wayne to never admit he was Jewish, shortly before this happened. Wayne had never known anything about a Jewish heritage. But, his wife, Corinne reported that none of the grandparents spoke English even though the Phillips had been in the country for four generations. she claimed spoke something like German, but not German. Yiddish? There are no records. The Phillips line immigrated from the highland of Germany, 2 October 1749.[15] in the early 1700's.

Ella was left destitute with 13 children to feed. Grandpa said they were so poor that he wore his sister's dresses and cut the heels off their shoes until he was 12. Three of her daughters, Mamie, Emma and Luella, died of the flu on 6 Feb 1920.[16], Forrest followed them 7 Feb 1920.[17]. Grandpa said he learned to drive the next morning going to fetch the doctor. Ella supported her family by taking in sewing and selling eggs. To her credit, many of her children went to college and became school teachers.

Her obituary read: "She had been such a grave inspiration to women who have held high positions in society. Women have sought her council in their problems. All these women have held Mother as a very dear friend and have shown special interest in her as a confident. Still younger girls are very fond of Mother (Ella). She would have been a great leader for girls in a girls' school, for girls love her and come to her for advice and comfort as her own daughters have . . . "[18]

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