Person:Elizabeth McLemire (1)

Elizabeth Naomi McLemire
Facts and Events
Name Elizabeth Naomi McLemire
Gender Female
Birth[1] 1776
Death[1] 1823 Cow Creek, Owsley, Kentucky, United States
Burial[1] Old Richard Reynolds, Cowcreek, Owsley County, Kentucky, USA
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    Elizabeth LeMemore - She was the wife of Richard Reynolds, Sr. She was born in North Carolina in 1776. She was the mother of Elizabeth Lydia Reynolds Haddix and Pleasant Reynolds

  2.   Re: Faith McLemore "The first McLemore man to marry an American Indian woman was James McLemore the immigrant son of Mungo McLemore. He married Fortune Gilliam, the daughter of John Gilliam and Margaret Hincha. Margaret was the daughter of John Henshaw (fur trader), and Oh-see-You, a full blood Ojibwa. James son John Sr. married Faithy Briggs, a half blood Cherokee. John’s son Charles married Quatsis Greenwood, 31/32 Shawnee-White Metis. Charles was born 1709, and Quatsis 1712 – Quatsis was the daughter of Thomas “Caesar” Greenwood and Katie, and born at Nickajack of the Lower Towns. Dagulaku © Copyright 2005 Dagulaku"
  3.   McLemore Cove, LaFayette, Georgia "The cove, which was named for Robert and John McLemore, sons of a white trader and a Cherokee mother, is just south of Chickamauga Battlefield. One of the Civil War battles took place at Davis Crossroads."