Person:Elizabeth Atkinson (31)

m. 21 May 1842
  1. William Atkinson1843 -
  2. John Atkinson1844 -
  3. Elizabeth Atkinson1846 - 1931
  4. Thomas George Atkinson1847 - 1928
  • HHenry Lyle1839 - 1876
  • WElizabeth Atkinson1846 - 1931
m. 11 Mar 1864
  1. Matilda Judith Lyle1867 - 1949
  2. George Ambrose Lyle1870 - 1894
  3. Delbert Lyle1873 - 1948
  4. Harry Wilmer Lyle1876 - 1954
m. 2 Mar 1881
  1. William Milton Gilroy1885 - 1947
  2. Merle Gilroy1889 - 1985
m. 28 Apr 1903
Facts and Events
Name Elizabeth Atkinson
Gender Female
Birth[1] 19 Jun 1846 Lawrence Street, North Riding of Yorkshire, England
Emigration[2] 1847 Englandto Canada West
Census[3] 14 Jan 1861 Reach, Ontario, Ontario, Canada1861 Census of Canada West
Marriage 11 Mar 1864 Reach, Ontario, Ontario, Canadato Henry Lyle
Census[4] 2 April 1871 Reach, Ontario, Ontario, Canada1871 Census of Canada
Marriage 2 Mar 1881 Manchester, Reach, Ontario, Ontario, Canadato William Gilroy
Census[5] 4 April 1881 Reach, Ontario, Ontario, Canada1881 Census of Canada
Census[6] 5 April 1891 Reach, Ontario, Ontario, Canada1891 Census of Canada
Census[7] 31 Mar 1901 Uxbridge, Ontario, Ontario, Canada1901 Census of Canada
Marriage 28 Apr 1903 Uxbridge, Ontario, Ontario, Canadato Oliver Nelson Young
Census[8] 1 Jun 1911 Uxbridge, Ontario, Ontario, Canada1911 Census of Canada
Death[2] 19 Nov 1931 Etobicoke, York, Ontario, Canada
Burial[2] Park Lawn Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Elizabeth Atkinson was born in Lawrence Street, a community which is now part of the city of York in England. As a very young child she emigrated with her family to Ontario, then known as Canada West. They settled in a rural township then named Reach in the County of Ontario, now part of Scugog Township in Durham Region.

Elizabeth had two older brothers who were listed with the family in the 1861 census. The elder, William, was noted as absent from home. There are no further sightings of either him nor the next brother, John. Elizabeth's younger brother, Thomas, married and lived locally for a while before moving on. In 1865 Elizabeth's mother, Judith Matilda, died.

In 1864 she married Henry Lyle, a son of George and Martha Lyle, who had a farm in the local area. In the 1871 census the young couple are found on the farm which ten years earlier had been farmed by her father. In 1873 they gave up the farm and bought into a house in the small hamlet of Manchester. Another child was born in that year.

Early in 1876, when Elizabeth had just found herself pregnant again, Henry's bronchitis developed into pneumonia and he died on 13 February. Throughout the next five years Elizabeth was obliged to keep her family with the assistance of her father, Ambrose, and her younger brother, Thomas.

In 1881 she married another local farmer, William Gilroy, a widower with five children. The census of 1881 lists this family only a month after the wedding. Two further children, Milton and Merle, were born to William and Elizabeth during the next ten years. Elizabeth's daughter, Matilda, married and moved to the larger town of Uxbridge. Some of William's older children moved away from the farm. George Ambrose, Elizabeth's oldest son by Henry Lyle, died of typhoid fever in 1894.

In 1897 William died and Elizabeth found herself a widow again. She moved into Uxbridge with her two Gilroy children.

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    John Atkinson, b England, 17
    Elizabeth Atkinson, b England, 16
    Thomas G Atkinson, b England, 14

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    George Ambrose Lyle, 11, b Ontario
    John Henry Dell Lyle, 8, b Ontario
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    A number of corrections have been made to the facts about the Lyle children in this census entry. The census took place less than a month after the marriage of Elizabeth Atkinson Lyle to William Gilroy.

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    Elizabeth Gilroy, 43, m, b England, Methodist
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    Merle Gilroy, 1, s, b Ontario
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    Elizabeth Young, f, head, widow, born June 1846, 64, b England, immigrated 1847, living on income
    Merle Gilroy, f, daughter, s Sep 1889, 21, b Ontario, millener