Person:Elisha Young (2)

Elisha Young
b.May 1863
m. 1850
  1. Sarah Young1851 - 1851
  2. Thomas Young1853 - 1858
  3. James Young1855 -
  4. Elizabeth Young1856 - 1943
  5. Brackston "Breck" Young1861 -
  6. Jane Young1862 -
  7. Elisha Young1863 -
  8. Mary Young1867 -
  9. Benjamin Young1871 - 1950
  10. Horace Greely Young1874 - 1942
  11. Lucinda "Cindy" Young1877 - 1917
m. Not Married
  1. Ida Turner1884 -
m. 1886
  1. Monroe Young1887 -
  2. Lucinda Young1890 -
  3. Lula YoungAbt 1892 - 1951
  4. Gletha Young1894 - 1987
  5. Clifton Young1897 - 1941
  6. Thomas Young1900 - 1971
  7. William YoungAbt 1904 -
Facts and Events
Name Elisha Young
Gender Male
Birth? May 1863
Marriage Not Married to Jane Turner
Marriage 1886 Breathitt, Kentucky, United Statesto Malvery Gillum

Marriage 1886,4,1A,,"Gillum, Malvery",,,,,"Young, Elisha"

In February 1990 we went to two cemetaries on Morgue. There were Youngs, Gillums, Roberts, Taulbee's, Gletha Young Smith. When we returned to Middletown, Jr. said that there is another cemetary farther up Morgue where Elisha was buried and where the old farm was.

April, 1990 - Bobby Dunn called and he had talked to his half sister, Dorothy Young. She said that the farm is the last one at the head of Morgue and that James Gillum, a cousin, lives there now.

Aunt Josie Young Taulbee in March 1990 told me that Elisha and Malvery bought the farm from someone named Dickerson. She remembered Malvery as being very good to her - she cut the buttons off her own dress to sew them on a dress for Josie. She also described Malvery as a "little bitter" - and that she died of pneumonia because she carried a feather bed across the mountain to Gletha Smith who had a new baby. She said they had an apple orchard and Malvery wrapped the apples in paper and stored them in the attic. She described Elisha as a "big man". Malvery's half brother Harv Gillum had the adjoining farm and his son Chester picked the guitar. Clifton and Will played organ at the Old Morgue Church which was built the year that Josie was born. Elisha was buried on the hill above the old home place.

Crystal, Here are a few notes on Elisha; Elisha died quite suddenly, much to the suprise of his family. Elisha was auburn haired. He ran a blacksmith shop, was a farmer and could carpenter some too. He could do just about anything, his grandson, Cecil Hounshell said. He could build a wagon complete, each and every piece. If 'Lish' needed a tool of any kind, he would just make it up in his blacksmith shop.

And a note on Clifton; Cliff worked in the coal mines. One day he got too hot and went to an air shaft to cool off. When he went home after work, he asked for an asperin and before they could get it to him, he died.

All the above information was from Cecil Hounshell. Darlene January 2002

Hi Crystal, Well, Cecil and Rhoda Hounshell [Cecil's wife] and Raymond Hounshell have all spoken to me about Willie and gave me the information on his wife and children. Willie was their mother's brother (Cecil and Raymond) so I am assuming they were correct with this information. They also told me that Willie became ill, possibly with typhoid fever and died and that his widow, Clair Little Young, and the children, lived with his father, Elisha Young, until Elisha died. [They also said Elisha died suddenly and unexpectedly.] After Clair and Willie's children were grown, Claire married Claude Cope and moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana.

My late mother-in-law, Rhoda Hounshell, talked to me about how pretty Oldean was and what a nice person she was, so she knew her personally and probably knew the other children of Willie and Clair also. She called her 'Oldean', but the name could have been 'Olean' officially? Rhoda's mother, Dora Bohannon Smith and Malvery Gilliam Young were first cousins through the Gilliams (Dora's mother was a Gilliam) and Rhoda knew the family quite well and would walk by Elisha's blacksmith shop often as a child. She said Elisha was a very nice fellow.

If you would like, I can call Raymond and ask him if he knows any other information on Willie and Claire's children, where they may have lived, etc.

If Elisha had a child out of wedlock, Raymond either doesn't know it or doesn't wish to discuss it! He was just very certain that Elisha never married anyone except Malvery and I did mention the daughter of this Turner woman, but not her name when I told him that some researchers show Elisha as having married twice and having a daughter by the other wife. Rhoda never mentioned Elisha having a daughter out of wedlock either, and she would surely have known this from her mother, Dora?

Interesting puzzle! <grin>

Darlene January 2002


Thanks for passing the info along. Pleasure to meet you Yvonne. Yes, Brack is Ben and Greely�s brother. I would love to see any photo�s that you have. please send them this way. Crystal, as for the home in the pic, it is most likely my uncle Cecil�s house. Cecils house is right below the cemetery and you are welcome anytime. Just tell Cecil who you are and that you know me. If you tell me when you are going, I could meet you there or at least tell him that you are coming. I think that Brack is the only grave not marked but I will be taking care of that soon.

How often do you talk to Fred Turner? I have been to his house a cpl of times with my other grandfather when I was younger. In fact , not long before my grandfather passed in 97, I drove him out to see Fred. If you talk to Fred, ask him if he knew a Dewey Trent. Tell him I am Helen (Trent) and Danny Gillums boy.

I asked Dad a few more questions about Elisha. He said that Elisha lived in the house that my grandparents lived in. I will send you some pics of it. Dad said that they moved there sometime around 1958. He said that is was a two room log house with siding before they moved in it. It had a hall way between the rooms. You had to go in the hallway to go to one room and you had to go outside to go in the other. The house was torn down a couple of years ago. I really miss it. My grandpa built a kitchen, and another bedroom on before they moved in and I remember when they built the bathroom on. Dad said that some of the old Youngs may have lived down around Si Bend but he really did not know. I have not been to the graveyard that you mentioned but dad said he knew where it was.

As far as more memories of Elisha�. The only one left that I can remember is that my grandfather talked about Brack getting tore all to pieces by a wildcat. It was the middle of winter�very cold�.Brack had a little dog with him and the dog went down in a hole at Bear Rock and could not get out. Brack went down to get it and when he did he was attacked by a wildcat. The only thing that saved Brack was his dog and the layers of clothing he had on. The dog faught it off long enough for Brack to get away. It tore through the layers of clothing and scarred him badly across his chest. Papaw told me this story many times. He would tell about how sharp the claws was to rip through all those layers of clothing. He said that when his papaw (Brack) was buried�you could still see those big scars.

He also talked about Elisha going and tracking the wildcat down, after a big snow, to kill it. He told of how Elisha out smated the cat..Said that Elisha studied it�s tracks and noticed it would cross an old log going to it�s den. Papaw said that Elisha got down in that old hollowed out log and waited for the wildcat to come by and when it did he unloaded the barrel of his gun into it. Papaw took me to the rock and showed me the den where this happened.

I will be sending you pics through out the next few days. The pic that is attached is of Bennett Young (son of Brack)