Person:Elias Williams (4)

Elias Gotee Williams
m. 13 Mar 1825
  1. Mary Abigail Williams1826 - 1872
  2. Oliver Harvey Williams1830 - 1878
  3. Julia Ann Williams1833 - 1916
  4. Ephraim Schuyler Williams1835 - 1911
  5. Elias Gotee Williams1838 - 1884
  6. Eliza Melissa Williams1841 - 1842
  7. Jenny Maria Williams1844 - 1936
m. 20 Sep 1859
  1. Elias George Williams1862 - 1862
  2. Wenona Abiah Williams1864 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] Elias Gotee Williams
Alt Name Lieut. Elias G. Williams, US
Gender Male
Birth[2] 11 Apr 1838 Saginaw, Saginaw, Michigan
Census[3][6] 19 Sep 1850 Flint, Genesee Co., MI
Marriage 20 Sep 1859 to Betsey Abiah Codwell
Census[4][7] 11 Jun 1860 Flint, Genesee Co., MI
Other[5][8] 12 Aug 1861 Flint, Genesee Co., MIMilitary Service
Death[2] 23 Apr 1884 Windsor, Essex, Ontario, Canada
Burial[1][2] 26 Apr 1884 Glenwood Cemetery, Flint, Genesee Co., MI
Other[2][9] Apr 1884 Flint, Genesee Co., MIMichigan Historical Society Records, Vol. 10 Obituary

quartermaster, 8 Mich. Vol. Inf.

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  6. Ephraim Williams; age 48; male; merchant; b.Mass.
    Hannah M.; age 40; female; b.NY
    Mary M.; age 24; female; b.Michigan
    Oliver; age 20; male; clerk; b.Michigan
    Julia A.; age 17; female; b.Michigan
    Ephraim S.; age 15; male; b.Michigan
    Elias G.; age 13; male; b.Michigan
    Jenny; age 7; female; b.Michigan
    Susan E. Forey; age 19; female; b.L. Canada
  7. Ephraim S. Williams; age 58; male; white; postmaster; real estate 12,365; personal 600; b.Mass.
    Hannah M.; age 51; female; b.NY
    Elias G.; age 22; male; dept. post master; b.Michigan
    Betsy; age 20; female; b.Michigan
    Jenny; age 17; female; student; b.Michigan
    Eliza Kline; age 20; servant; b.Ireland
  8. Name: Elias G Williams ,
    Residence: Flint, Michigan
    Enlistment Date: 12 August 1861
    Distinguished Service: DISTINGUISHED SERVICE
    Side Served: Union State
    Served: Michigan Unit Numbers: 1116 1116
    Service Record: Enlisted as a Comm? Sergeant on 12 August 1861 at the age of 24
    Enlisted in Company S, 8th Infantry Regiment Michigan on 23 September 1861.
    Promoted to Full Lieutenant 1st Class on 25 February 1862 (1st Lieut & QM)
    Resigned Company S, 8th Infantry Regiment Michigan on 20 March 1863
  9. Last week we briefly announced the death of Mr. Elias G. Williams, son of our respected fellow townsman, E. S. Williams, Esq. Today we give a more extended notice, for Mr. Williams' death was so sudden and, we may say, unexpected, that many of his friends and relations failed to hear of it until the last sad tribute had been paid to their departed friend, and can only express themselves in words of deep regret and sorrow at the loss of one that all who had the pleasure of being acquainted with knew but to love him and respect him. Mr. Williams was born in Saginaw City, April 11, 1838, and died April 23, 1884, being in the forty seventh year of his age. He fully realized how serious his illness was, and requested to be buried beside his little son in Glenwood cemetery, in Flint, and his remains were, therefore, brought to his father's residence here, from which the funeral took place on Saturday, the 26th of April. Mr. Williams, at the opening of the late civil war, enlisted in Colonel Fenton's Eighth Michigan infantry, and was appointed commissary sergeant, being afterwards promoted to the rank of quartermaster, and holding that position during his service with the regiment, which was about two years. Previous to joining the "Eighth" he was clerk and assistant postmaster under his father, in this city, for seven years and was greatly esteemed for his courtesy and obliging manners to the public. He left Flint for Windsor, Ont., about five years ago, where he was in business until a short time previous to his death.--Flint city paper, April, 1884.