Person:Elias Fry (1)

  1. John Fry1808 - Aft 1889
  2. Salome Fry1809 -
  3. Charles Fry1811 - Bef 1880
  4. Elias Fry1813 - 1887
  5. Jacob Fry1815 - 1886
  6. Theresa Fry1816 -
  7. Ephriam FryAbt 1818 -
  8. Mary Maria Fry1821 -
  9. Silas FryAbt 1825 -
  10. Ziba Fry1828 - 1884
  11. Isiah Fry1829 - 1893
  12. Elizabeth FryAbt 1831 -
  13. DavoldDewalt Fry1834 - 1913
m. 13 Aug 1830
  1. Henry Fry1837 - 1857
  2. Charles Elias Fry1839 - 1879
  3. Catherine Fry1841 - 1898
  4. Maria (Mariah) Fry1843 - 1916
  5. John Frederick Fry1846 - 1927
  6. George Washington Fry1848 - 1914
  7. Julie Ann Fry1851 -
  8. Silas Alexander Fry1853 - 1933
  9. William Fry1855 - 1880
  10. Rachel Jane Fry1858 - 1944
  11. Mary Elizabeth Fry1860 - 1941
Facts and Events
Name Elias Fry
Gender Male
Birth[1] 7 Feb 1813 Moore, Northampton, Pennsylvania, United States
Baptism? 21 Mar 1813 Salem Luthern Reformed Church, Moore Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania
Marriage 13 Aug 1830 Luzern County, Pennsylvaniato Mary Miller
Death? 8 Apr 1887 Newton Township, Calhoun, Michigan, United States
Burial? Fredonia Township, Michigan, United States
Other[1] Godparents: Mr. And Mrs. Peter Steckel


Witnessed by Peter Steckel and his Wife. From a typed note I have the of location of Newport , Lycoming County, Pennsylvania as the Frye home. It says they moved to Fredonia, Calhoun County, Michigan. Also note the spelling of Frye. I do not know the author of this note, It may have been a from a branch of the family that added the "e" to the end of the name, as the spelling of the name has included Frey, Fry, and Frye throughout the years. It may have also been from member of the family a generation or two removed from the name. Adding the "e" could be an easy mistake if the name was just given to you orally by a grandparent or an aunt of uncle. As for the location, Newport is located in Luzern County, Pennsylvania. I believe several members of this family were born there. Census records show Elias and several other Fry family members living in Fairfield Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania in 1850. The 1850 census shows his name as Eli, and his occupation as being a farmer. It gives his age as 36 which would place his birth in 1814 not 1813 as listed in the note. The 1850 census also lists Eli's wife, Mary, and his children, Henry, Charles, Katherine, Maria, John, and Geroge. All of these names are consistant with the typed note. The remainder of the children were born after 1850.

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