Person:Eleanor Walker (2)

Eleanor Walker
b.abt. 1712
m. 15 JUN 1710
  1. Eleanor Walkerabt 1712 -
  2. John "Gunstocker" Walkerabt 1714 - 1797
  3. Alexander "Sawney" Walker1718 - 1783-1785
Facts and Events
Name Eleanor Walker
Gender Female
Birth? abt. 1712


The Wigton Walkers trace their descent from John Walker I and Jane McKnight of Wigton, Scotland. See Index for other Wigton Walkers, and Quick Wigton Walker Index for males in the first few generations. The primary source for this family, especially its history prior to about 1740, is Descendants of John Walker of Wigton Scotland, by Emma Siggins White, 1902


White 1902 identifies Eleanor as a daughter Alexander I of Wigton Scotland. She provides little, if any, additional data about her, noting only that she came to America with her brothers Alexander and John, in the household of their uncle John Walker II. Marriage records for an Alexander Walker and Jennet Cowan, and subsequent christening records in Wigtonshire at about the right time are sometimes cited as evidence that Eleanor's correct name is "Helen". It is certainly possible that "Helen" could have been corrupted to "Elleanor" as given in White 1902, but additional evidence is needed to support this view.