Person:Eleanor Longmore (2)

Eleanor Longmore
b.Circa 1791 Shropshire, England
Facts and Events
Name Eleanor Longmore
Gender Female
Birth? Circa 1791 Shropshire, England
Other? L71Q-VQ9 NFS Person ID


Given Name

In the christening record of Henry his Mother's name is referred to as both Eleanor and Ellen in two different places. As Eleanor in the "Bishop Transcript" record (film #502913) and as Ellen in the "Parish Register" (film # 1701119 - item 2). Throughout Henry's life he continually refers to his mother as Ellen (see paper trail of Henry for details). In Williams burial record (film # 1701119 - item 2) his mother is referred to as Eleanor.

Douglas Surname

In a Patriachal Blessing given to Henry the son there is a reference made to his mother as Ellen Douglas. No where else is this reference made. There are several opportunities throughout his life where he makes reference to his mother as Ellen Longmore. One possibility is that he was aware of a marriage to a Mr Douglas later in life. This is a puzzler.


In the christening record of Henry his mothers occupation is referred to as a servant.


All the information we have about Ellen comes from her children's christening/death records at the St Leonards, Bridgnorth Parish. See children for details. (William and Henry).


In the christening record of Henry his mothers adobe is referred to as the poor house.


All the information we have about Ellen comes from child christening records in 1811 and 1814. Based on estimates of 20-40 years of age she is likely to have been born between 1791 and 1771 (more likely closer to 1791).

Theories on death date

Based on the time that Henry leaves Brignorth sometime prior to 1857 to Somerset and then to the United States in 1862. I do not believe he would have left until his mother had passed away.

Theories about husband

Based on the paper trail of Ellen's son Henry (see Henry for details) it is quite certain that Henry had no indication of who is his father was.

Merge problems

For details about merging this Ellen record with others read "Merging of Ellen Longmore".

Thoughts about her life

Eleanor is born circa 1790 in Shropshire, England. She gives birth to her two son's William(b.1811) and Henry(b.1814) while living in [ Bridgnorth]. It is likely that she is not wed to their father and no record is made of their names. Her place of residence at Henry's birth is the poor house and her occupation is a servant. Her heart is broken as William dies only days following his birth. Henry however grows to adulthood and lives in Bridgnorth through 1851 (based on census) and probably the remaining years of his mothers life (not verified).