Person:Edwin Barton (1)

Edwin James Barton
m. 3 May 1890
  1. Elizabeth Rose Hannah Barton1891 - 1893
  2. Della Ladoyski Barton1893 - 1920
  3. Joseph Thomas Barton1894 - 1980
  4. Charles Barton1896 - 1975
  5. Dewey Lavon Barton1898 - 1986
  6. Maude Ethel Barton1900 - 1975
  7. Edwin James Barton1902 - 1970
  8. Mary Ann Barton1914 - ABT 1999
  • HEdwin James Barton1902 - 1970
  • WJane Ello1908 - 1996
m. 20 Dec 1930
Facts and Events
Name Edwin James Barton
Gender Male
Birth? 4 Feb 1902 Price, Carbon, Utah, USA
Marriage 20 Dec 1930 to Jane Ello
Death? 15 Jan 1970 Crenshaw, Los Angeles, California
Unknown? 7M6P8F

Edwin James Barton was born February 4, 1902 in Price, Carbon, Utah, the son of Joseph Thomas Barton and Mary Ann Norris.

When he was born his father was a section foreman and had a group of Chinese working for him. One of them said they would call the baby Jack and so that is what he was called all of his life.

Jack was twelve years old when the next baby came to join the family, this was his baby sister Mary Ann born February 17, 1914.

Jack was thirteen years of age when the family moved to Ruby City, Nevada. He had started his schooling in Price, Utah and completed it in Nevada.

Jack had an interest in electricity and he took a correspondence course in Electrical Technology. Soon after his two older brothers Joe and Charley went to California and settled there, Jack followed them and when he didn't find a job in short order, he decided to join the US Navy. This he did and spent four years serving in this branch of the services.

While in the navy he had the opportunity of seeing much of the world, he visited the far east, the islands of the Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Central America and the Pacific Coast states. He was first assigned to the USS Artic, the supply ship for the Pacific Fleet. Then since he had this great interest in electricity and let it be known, he was sent to an electronics school in San Diego and then sent to the East Coast to help bring the USS Saratoga, our first Aircraft carrier from the East Coast to San Diego. He was one of the chief electricians on the USS Saratoga, this ship was going to make its first major voyage to Europe by way of going west across the Pacific, up through the Isthmus of Zuez, the Mediterranean Sea and then up the European Coast and back across the Atlantic Ocean. This would have taken Jack to Europe where he had not yet been. But there was one draw back, in order to make this trip Jack would have had to reenlist for another four years. He was counciled by one of his buddies not to reenlist unless he wanted to make the Navy his career and stay in until he could retire. Since Jack did not want to do this, he did not get to see Europe.

After completing his tour with the Navy he settled in Los Angeles near his two brothers. Here he met Jane Ello. She was a sister to one of the girls Charley had dated. Jack and Jane were married December 20, 1930.

Jack was employed by a large grocery chain store in Los Angeles, he later went to work for the Carnation Milk Company. Jack had to take an early retirement from work because of a heart attack. He seemed to recover from this but had to avoid any heavy work.

Jack died January 15, 1970 in Los Angeles, California.

Mary Ann Barton is Jack's brother and she has written a small one page history on each of her brothers. Lived in California. His wife name was Jane. They had one child (daughter?). Never remember seeing him. Maude Ethel Sr talked to Mary Svedin about him. One time Mary Louise went on a trip with mother Maude Ethel to California. Possible went and visited him. She went to see brother Charlie. Charlie took them on a boat ride to Catalina Island. Glass bottom boat. Mary Louise was around 6 years old. Charlie gave her lemon drops.

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