Person:Edward Brook (2)

Edward Joseph Brook
d.Nov 1962
m. Abt 1876
  1. William F. Brook1877 -
  2. Edward Joseph Brook1879 - 1962
  3. Elizabeth BrookAbt 1880 - Abt 1880
  4. Emma Brook1882 - Aft 1955
  5. Thomas Christian Brook1884 -
  6. George Theodore Brook1886 - 1964
  7. James Seddon Brook1890 - 1940
  8. Agnes Brook1894 -
  9. Madeline Brook1898 - Aft 1940
  10. Clara Brook1900 - Aft 1940
m. Abt 1914
Facts and Events
Name Edward Joseph Brook
Gender Male
Birth[1][4] 26 Dec 1879 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Occupation? 30 Apr 1910 Machinist, Electric Company
Marriage Abt 1914 New York, United Statesto Mary Unknown
Residence? 12 Sep 1918 Syracuse, Onondaga, New York, United States445 Hawley Ave. : Machine Repair, Waldorf Mfg. Co.,
Residence[4] 1918 Syracuse, Onondaga, New York, United States442 Oakwood Street
Residence? 18 Apr 1930 Syracuse, Onondaga, New York, United States1418 Townsend Street
Death[2] Nov 1962
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  1. United States. Selective Service System. World War I Selective Service System Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918. (Washington, D.C.: National Archives Microfilm Publication M1509, 1987-1988).

    Syracuse, NY, Onondaga Co., Roll 1819041, Draftboard 2, 12 Sep 1918

    Edward Joseph Brook, b December 26, 1879, 448 Hawley Ave., Syracuse, NY; AGE: 38; Ocupation: Machine Repair, Waldorf Manufacturing Co., 230 Washington St., Syracuse, NY; WIFE: Mrs. Mary Brook 448 Hawley; Blue Eyes, Brown Hair

  2. Social Security Administration. Social Security Death Index: Death Master File, database. (Alexandria, Virginia: National Technical Information Service)
    SSN: 126-07-1029.

    Edward Brook, b 26 Dec 1879, d Nov 1962, NY

  3.   Obituary of James Seddon Brook, in Source needed.
  4. 4.0 4.1 Letter from Julia BROOK to Nora WITT
    7 Aug 1955.

    "Uncle Ed could give you more as he is the second oldest son and is age of 72 or 75 years."

  5.   Letter from Edward Brook to Julia (Schwarz) Brook
    23 Aug 1955.

    AUG. 23, 1955

    Dear Sister Jewel,
    Your welcome letter arrived of 19/55, and I will try to give you the information to the best of my memory.
    First, I don't know Grand-dad's birthplace other than Leeds, England, where I heard said Dad came from, where he was born. Mother came from Manchester. Her name was Fletcher. She was buried in St. Mary's Cemetery near Somersville, N. Y. Find enclosed card.

    I can think better than I can write, and I hope you can make it out. I am surprised at myself. I am not sick outside of a cold. It came on about the time of the heat; I don't do much around the house, I feel too unsteady.

    Hurricane Hazel blew down my white lilac bush, and the one before took my rambling rose down the toilet, broke the fornuse wind bad last year. George said he had one for me. I expect him sometime around Labor Day.

    I don't go out anymore. The people are using later make machines, but I am getting by on 85. I could say a lot more, but what's the use? I was 75 day after Xmass, so what have I to kid about, it seems everything goes wrong.

    Well, enough blues. About Emma, I wrote to her son when Tom died and asked to be excused going there. I could not leave Mary, she was helpless and I could not get anyone to be with her. So, it was the last I heard from them. I don't think my thinking was wrong in what I did, but I have been making mistakes ever since Mary passed on. I could say a lot of mistakes. I did, but it's enough to think I did not intend to.

    I thought you could not read my last letter, and I did not blame you for not writing, and I am thankful for your remembering me. I must say I would rather hear from you than all but George. I hope you did not get any serious damage from the last hurricane and also, that I am sorry I could not give you more information than I did. I will try to tell you a story in the near future, what Grandmother told me about the money coming to her. Her name was Morris. Is the Morris Marine Engine Co. still operating next to Cramp? My Grand Uncle was one of the firm, but they don't know I am alive. I get dizzy when I write, so I will let it go until I write again.

    Hoping your arthritis is much better. I must close now. I don't think any more. Hoping the little information I gave you will be helpful. I will try to find out if George knows any more. He might be able to tell me something again. I must close.

    With Love,

    < Honey, I hope you can decipher this, but I think it best to send it on, instead of relaying whatever information it contains. ( Card mentioned was a prayer card and was for his wife, Mary). Ed is the absent-minded professor type.>

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