Person:Edward Bennett (4)

Edward Bennett
  • F.  Edward Bennett (add)
  • M.  Elizabeth (add)
  1. Elizabeth Bennett1633 -
  2. Mary Bennett1635 -
  3. Susannah Bennett1637 -
  4. Edward Bennett1641 -
Facts and Events
Name Edward Bennett
Gender Male
Christening[1] 27 May 1641 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England

One World Tree has a death year, but this most likely reflects an incorrect merging of records for two different individuals - one of the weaknesses of One World Tree. IGI has two records of this baptism - both with the father's name as Edward and the mother's name as Elizabeth.

There is nothing to link this Edward's father Edward to Edward Bennett of Rehoboth or Edward Bennett of Rhode Island (other than incorrect merging of records at One World Tree).

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