Person:Edmund Thomas (13)

Edmund Thomas, of Germanna Colony
b.abt. 1697 England
d.bef. 5 August 1727 Virginia
  • HEdmund Thomas, of Germanna ColonyAbt 1697 - Bef 1727
  • WCatherine RussellAbt 1709/10 - Aft 1763
m. abt. 1726/27
  1. Jacob ThomasAbt 1726/27 -
Facts and Events
Name Edmund Thomas, of Germanna Colony
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1697 England
Marriage abt. 1726/27 Virginiato Catherine Russell
Death? bef. 5 August 1727 Virginia

Records in Virginia

From "American Weekly Mercury", May 31, 1722:
Reward Offered For Five Runaway Servants Belonging to Governor Spotswood
Run away the 22d of April last, from Germanna in Virginia, five servant men,belonging to his Excellency Colonel SPOTSWOOD, Governor of Virginia, by name,John COLE, Henry REDWOOD, Solomon GAAR, Edmund THOMAS and George MACDONNALD.The said COLE, an Englishman, speaking remarkably on the West-Country dialect, of a middle stature, fair complexion, land hair, aged about 30 years, and a Wheelwright by trade. The said REDWOOD, an Englishman, speaking broadWest-Country, of a tall stature, brown complexion, thin visage, lank hair, agedabout 30 years, an able Sawyer, and having his razors and hone, serves uponoccasion as a Barber. The said GAAR, an Englishman, speaking likewise as aWest-Country man, of a remarkable large stature, round large visage, freshcomely complexion, land hair, aged about 30 years, a Miller by profession, of agood Waggoner upon occasion. The said THOMAS, an Englishman, of a middlestature, slender size, brown complexion, curled hair, aged about twenty five years, a Carter and Husbandman by profession. And the said MACDONNALD, A Scotsman, speaking broad Scots, of a middle stature, thick size, round visage, freckled complexion, wearing a wig, aged about twenty two years, a Taylor by trade.
The remarkable cloathing which they are known to have gone away with was, duffle surtout coats, whereof four were red and one blue, new cotton wastcoatsknapt and of a sea green colour, leather breeches, whereof some newly made, andlinnen trowsers, new Scots plaiden hose, besides other sorts of stockings, newshirts of ozenbrigs, and Scots tweed linnen (whereof each runaway had two atleast) which are marked o9n the breast with figures of different numbers, between 20 and 90. John COLE had in particular a figured calico wastcoat without sleeves, which is to tie on the side, and a gun with him, and George MACDONNALD had a light coloured kersey coat made frock fashion, with four orfive buttons and not lin'd.
Whoever secures all, or any one of the said servants, and delivers them to the Sheriff of any of the counties within this Province of Pennsylvania, or of the Counties of Newcastle, Kent or Susses upon Delaware, shall, upon any of the said Sheriffs receit, for all, or any one or more of the said servants, produced to George BARCLAY, Secretary to His Excellency the Governor of the said Province and Counties, receive two pistoles reward for each of these runaways, so delivered, as aforesaid, with reasonable charges. [Note: According to the Library of Congress, the American Weekly Mercury was the first newspaper published in the Middle Colonies and the fourth published in America. It was in publication from 22 Dec 1719 until May 1746].

A warrant issued from the Northern Neck Proprietary's office to John Savage on 12 January 1725/1726 was signed over by him to Edmund Thomas of Stafford County, Virginia for 615 acres. The land lay between Elk Run and Licking Run in Stafford County and adjacent to Robert "King" Carter and Daniel Feagan. The land was finally surveyed 5 August 1727 and granted to Catherine Thomas on 22 January 1727/1728.

Catherine Thomas, as the widow of Edmund Thomas, was eligible to have the land surveyed and granted to her based on the warrant initially issued to her husband. The marriage is inferred from this land transaction since married women could not own or convey property, but a widow could. Further the dates given an indication of a time fram for the death of Edmund Thomas. The warrant was issued and signed over to him on 12 January 1725/1726 and on 5 August 1727 Catherine Thomas had the land surveyed. Between 12 January 1725/1726 and 5 August 1727 Edmund Thomas died. It is still unknown to which Thomas family Edmund belonged. [1]

Grant, Demise and to Farm Let unto the said Zacharias Lewis a Certain Tract of Parcel of Land situate in the Parish of Hamilton inthe County aforesaid containing three hundred acres more or less and is theland that was granted unto the said Catherine Holtzclaw by the name of Catherine Thomas of Stafford County she then being the Widow and relict of _________Thomas decd by patent from the Proprietors Office of the Northern Neck of Virginia bearing Date the 22d day of January 1727/8. [Fauquier Co. Deed Book 1, pg. 414].
Note: Catherine Holtzclaw sold her land to Zachariah Lewis on the same day that her son, Jacob Thomas, sold his land to Zachariah Lewis. The land was originally owned by Edmund Thomas and it consisted of 615 acres, it was located near to the Germantown tract and next to the land of Robert "King" Carter. [2]