Person:Edmund Browder (2)

m. ABT 1715
  1. Edmund BrowderAbt 1716 - 1784
  2. John BrowderAbt 1717 - Abt 1787
  3. Arthur BrowderAbt 1718 - 1739
  4. Richard BrowderAbt 1720 - Abt 1781
  5. William Browder1723 - Abt 1788
  6. George Browder1730/31 - Abt 1796
  7. Ann Browder1732/33 - Abt 1798
  8. Joseph Browder1740/41 - Abt 1805
  • HEdmund BrowderAbt 1716 - 1784
  • WAnne BrodnaxAbt 1725 -
m. ABT 1747
  1. Darius BrowderAbt 1750 - 1813
  2. Molly BrowderAbt 1755 - Abt 1818
  3. Eunice BrowderAbt 1756 - Abt 1823
  4. Silvia BrowderAbt 1759 - Abt 1835
  5. John BrowderAbt 1760 - 1818
  6. Deliah BrowderAbt 1766 - Abt 1840
  7. Lois BrowderAbt 1768 - Abt 1833
  8. Mason BrowderAbt 1774 - Aft 1850
Facts and Events
Name[1] Edmund Browder
Gender Male
Birth[1] ABT 1716 Prince George County, Virginia
Marriage ABT 1747 Prince George County, Virginiato Anne Brodnax
Death[1] 1784 Chatham County, North Carolina

Will Transcript

Will of Edmund Browder
Anodomini 178_ (torn) June 4(?)
In the Name of God Amen, I Edmund Browder of Chatham County State of North Carolina, Planter Being Weak in body, but by(?)The mercy of Almighty God, of a Sound mind. And Being Convinced of the Mortality of My Body, having made My peace with God through Jesus Christ, I solemnly commit my soul into his hands As into the hand of A faithful Creator (torn) My Mortal Body after My Decease, to the Love of My Surviving family and friends to be Laid in the Grave with Christian Discression, in full Assurance of Hope And Joy & Expectation of Receiving the Same Gloriously Improved in the Morning of the Resurection And as for those tempral Goods And Blessings Which God Was pleased to Make Me Stuard of In this World :I (torn) As follows firstly unto My youngest Son John Browder I Bequeth the plantation I Now live containing three Hundred Acres of Land, one Negro Man Named Will, one Negro Woman Named Hannah and my Boy Philip(?), My temder Loving Wife to be Maintained out of it With Him As She Lives With the Use of one feather Bead And Two Cows And Calves,
Secondly I give to My Son Darius Browder, one tract of Land Lying(torn) New Hope Containing three Hundred Acres one Negro Boy(torn) one Negro Girl Named Silve, one Bay Stallion
Thirdly I Give to my two Daughters Lois & Mason all that is my property in Virginia to Be Equally Divided When Ma-ed or come of age Disiring my Brother Joseph Broder to take th(torn) and theirs in Care(?).
Now All the Residue of My Estate I Desire to be Equally Divided Amongst My Daughters Molly Clark Eunice Willson Silva(torn) Debrah(Deliah?) Browder And J(torn) (torn) Wilson and D(?) (torn) (half line torn) and Things(?) (torn) to Be My Last (torn)ll Testament Denying a(torn)(torn) Wills from Whence (torn) ther Might Arise Given under (torn) Hand And Seal this 4(?) Day of June one Thousand Seven hundred and Eighty one.
(Signed) Edmd Browder (Seal)
John White(?)
Thomas Bell(?)
William Wilson
Chatham Augt(?) Court 1785
This will was duly Proved by all three of the Subscribing Witnesses
(Signature not legible)
Note: Will has many torn places and is difficult to transcribe.

About Edmund Browder

[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 12, Ed. 1, Tree #3443, Date of Import: Apr 11, 1998]

Edmund Browder served during the Revolutionary War. Reference: DAR PATRIOT INDEX Centennial Edition, Part I Washington:1990 The will of the father of John Browder, Edmund Browder, in Chatham Co., North Carolina is now too fragile to handle for photocoping, it may be of interest and important to get it into print along with that of of his son. Mr. Jack Bowman of Houston, TX has furnished a copy made from another person's photocopy acquired before the clerk had stopped trying to copy the original. It is very difficult to transcribe and shows many torn places so there may be errors on our attempt to copy it. Reference: I have a copy of the transcribed will in my files.

Edmund's Revolutionary War record may be found in Revolutionary Army Accounts, Volume IX, page 59, folio 1, Warrent No. 782, State of North Carolina, Department of Archives and History, Raleigh, North Carolina. I have requested a copy of it from the North Carolina Archives. Chatham was established in 1777 from Orange County, North Carolina.

The birth date and parents were obtained from "We'll Call It Wheat" by Dorothy Moneymaker and gave 1725 as the birth date and James Browder as his father. The book gave no references for the information and I believe it is not correct. The church records give no James of this age, but one was borned to Edmond and Martha in 1725. The choice of Edmund's parents would be one of Edmunds brothers, George or John, both with a wife named Elizabeth. John is the only one with a child named Joseph, mentioned in Edmund's will as his brother.

The best referenced information about Edmund and his family comes from "Notes on the Browder Family of Tidewater Virginia 1704-1850 by Nathaniel C. and Blanche Browder of North Carolina. Their research indicates that Edmund was the eldest son of John and Elizabeth and born before 1720.

Edmund and his wife, Anne, bought some land in 1773 where they were residents. In 1779, Edmund and Anne sold a plantation and dissappeared from the Brunswick records. He very likely moved to Chatham, North Carolina.

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