Person:Ebenezer Westcott (2)

Ebenezer Westcott, Jr.
b.est. 1750-1760
m. bef. 1751
  1. Ebenezer Westcott, Jr.est 1750-1760 - abt 1796
  2. Elizabeth Westcott1751 -
Facts and Events
Name Ebenezer Westcott, Jr.
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1750-1760
Death? abt. 1796 Richland County, South Carolina

Information on Ebenezer Westcott, Jr.

Will Extract of Ebenezer Westcott

The 1796 will of Ebenezer Westcott leaves his estate to his loving sister Elizabeth Westcott Joyner and Isham Joyner her husband all his real and personal estate. (Note: this will is assumed to be likely the will of a Ebenezer Westcott, Jr., as he refers to his "sister" Elizabeth, wife of Isham Joyner, daughter of Ebenezer Westcott, Sr. The other alternative is that this will belonged to Ebenezer Westcott, Sr., but that would likely make his sister Elizabeth Westcott several years older than previously thought. Additional research is needed on this family.).