Person:Eben Wardwell (1)

Eben Nichols Wardwell
b.27 JUL 1825 Lynn, Essex, MA
m. 30 Dec 1822
  1. George Henry Wardwell1823 - 1885
  2. Eben Nichols Wardwell1825 - 1901
  3. Ezra Holt Wardwell1827 - 1882
  4. Sarah J. Wardwell1830 - 1894
  5. Nancy Elizabeth Wardwell1832 -
m. 4 FEB 1849
  1. Ezra M. Wardwell1853 -
m. BEF 1877
  1. Joseph Nickerson Wardwell1877 - 1918
  • HEben Nichols Wardwell1825 - 1901
  • WMary D. BruceABT 1831 - 1892
m. 12 MAR 1891
Facts and Events
Name Eben Nichols Wardwell
Gender Male
Birth[1] 27 JUL 1825 Lynn, Essex, MA
Marriage 4 FEB 1849 Lynn, Essex, MAto Sarah A. Gilbert
Marriage BEF 1877 to Lucinda Frances Mitchell
Marriage 12 MAR 1891 Lynn, Essex, MAto Mary D. Bruce
Death[2] 3 JUN 1901 Swampscott, Essex, MA
Occupation? Cordwainer in 1850, Boarding House Owner in 1860, Janitor in 1877, Hotel Keeper in 1880
Burial[3] Swampscott, Essex, MA

Living in Lynn at 1850 United States Census, $1000 in real estate. Living in Swampscott at 1860, with real estate valued at $5000 and personal estate of $500 and in 1880 and again, a widower, at 1900 Census. where occupation is listed as "Mental Healer".

In 1861, he was moderator of the first town meeting held in the New Hall on March 8 and in 1864 was on the Swampscott committee to build a new schoolhouse.-Essex Institute Historical Collection, 1972. Town Moderator again in 1895.

Listed in 1895-96 Swampscott Directory as living at 9 Pine Street.

"A dog exhibiting all the symptoms of hydrophobia was shot, Wednesday afternoon, near the Pine Street schoolhouse in Swampscott, by James M. Weeman. A child of 3 years, playing in the sand near that point, narrowly escaped being bitten as the dog was running directly toward it. George Horton, comprehending the danger, seized the little one and sprang over a fence just as the dog bounded heavily against it. No person and, so far as we know, no dog was bitten by the rapid animal, which had on a collar marked "E.A. Wardwell, Lynn, Mass. Lic.707." -The Fitchburg Sentinel 28 June 1878

Cause of death is listed as "suicide by illuminating gas".

"Swampscott, Mass., June 4 - Eben N. Wardwell, 76 years old, despondent over losses of property, committed suicide in his home here during the night by inhaling illuminating gas. He formerly was proprietor of the fashionable Ocean House, Swampscott. A daughter survives." -The Hartford Courant 05 June 1901

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