Person:Eaba of Wessex (1)

Eaba of Wessex
b.abt 0732 Wessex, England
Facts and Events
Name Eaba of Wessex
Alt Name Eabe
Alt Name Offa
Alt Name Eaffa
Alt Name[5] Eafa Son of Eoppa
Gender Male
Birth? abt 0732 Wessex, EnglandHouse of WessexCitation needed
Marriage 0757 Wessex, Englandto Unknown , Princess of Kent
Other  Speculative child?: Ealhmund of Kent (2) 
with Unknown , Princess of Kent
Death? 0762 Wessex, EnglandCitation needed
Alt Death? 0796 Mercia, EnglandCitation needed
Ancestral File Number G70H-2C


The only source for Eaba's existence is the (probably late 9th century) West Saxon genealogy, whose reliability is unknown. According to Stewart Baldwin, no dates or places are known for Eaba's life. The dates and places on this page (and most of the associated pages) are presumably someone's guesses posing as facts.

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    Ealhmund, who was son of Eafa, grandson of Eoppa, and great-grandson of Ingild, the brother of King Ine of Wessex

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    Eafa of Wessex was born circa 732 in Wessex, England. He was the son of Eoppa of Wessex.4,5,6

    Child of Eafa of Wessex: Eahlmund, subKing of Kent+ b. c 758, d. c 802

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