Person:Dorothy Martin (1)

Dorothy Martin
b.Est 1687
m. Bef 1675
  1. John Martin1674/75 - 1711/12
  2. George MartinEst 1681 -
  3. Anne MartinEst 1686 -
  4. Dorothy MartinEst 1687 -
  5. Elizabeth MartinEst 1688 -
m. 27 Oct 1707
m. 7 Mar 1710
Facts and Events
Name[1] Dorothy Martin
Gender Female
Birth[1] Est 1687 Estimate based on date of first marriage.
Marriage 27 Oct 1707 Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USAto Henry BLAISDELL
Marriage 7 Mar 1710 Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts, USAto Thomas Ayer
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    Hoyt (1:214) finds "little doubt that she was a dau. of Richard," although he has "no such direct proof" as he had seen for Richard Martin's other known children. If she was a descendant of George1 Martin, and not a young widow when she married Blaisdell, and if she was legitimate, she can be placed only among the children of Richard2 Martin. Her probable mother, Mary (Hoyt) (Bartlett) Martin, had a sister named Dorothy.