Person:Diogo Cabral (4)

b.ABT 1410
d.15 DEC 1486
m. BET 1405 AND 1410
  1. Diogo CABRALAbt 1410 - 1486
m. BET 1440 AND 1450
  1. Dona Grimaneza CABRALBet 1450 & 1460 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Diogo CABRAL
Alt Name Diogo Fernandes Cabral
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1410
Marriage BET 1440 AND 1450 to Beatris GONCALVES DA CAMARA
Death[3] 15 DEC 1486

Fidalgo, guarda-mor do infante D. Henrique One of the 4 nobles sent by the Infante to marry Zarcos daughters. had much land in Calheta donated by his father in law in the city of Estrella. it became the headquarters of a morgadio. Fouded the capela de Nossa Senhora da Estrela and was buried in the chapel of de Nossa Senhora da Estrela. Per Paulo: On my database I have this Diogo Fernandes Cabral - there was only on at least at that time, on Madeira, Portugal, and he's very well known as he was one of the 4 noble males Zargo requested to the Infante to marry his daughters - well I have this Diogo with two marriages, one to Beatriz, daughe Zarco, and another to Constança, grand-daughter of Zargo, daughter of his son Garcia as you say. It is possible that he had indeed married twice. I only have one daughetr

from that second marriage, however, which is Filipa da Câmara, who married  

Francisco Moniz "o Velho" (tº Mirandas), who gave the name to the Porto do Moniz village. All the other descendancy is from Beatriz, including João Rodrigues Cabral, father of João Rodrigues Cabral "o Moradia", who gave the name to the street where ARM is located. This is what I have here, but it doesn't mean, of course that it is teh correct version. Per Miguel- Diogo Fernandes Cabral married to Beatriz Gonçalves, the dau. of the 1st Cap. J.G. Zarco never existed. His name is just Diogo Cabral. His ascendance to Fernando Álvares Cabral (descendant of the Lords opf Azurara) is not documented. Clode speculated that because Diogo Cabral had a brother named Luís, he probably was the son of Fernando Álvares Cabral. He could, but there are no documents. Even Gayo, who "facilitates" royal lineages does not refer this ascendancy. According to Felisberto and Meneses Vaz, apart from Diogo Cabral there was one Diogo Fernandes Cabral - Felisberto says he was Diogo Fernandes Cabral Coutinho, married to another Câmara girl. They are one of the origins of the Cabral Catanho. Per the book A familia e Casa De João Gonçalves Zarco by Maria Anita Teixiera João Diogo Cabral, son of D.Teresa de Novais e Andrade and Fernão Alvares Cabral, Senhor de


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    Beatriz Gonçalves da Câmara, married to Diogo Cabral (grand-uncle of Pedro Álvares Cabral), son of Fernando Álvares Cabral, 2nd Lord de Azurara and wife, as her second husband, Teresa Freire de Andrade (descendant of Charlemagne and Ferdinand I of Castile), and had issue