Person:Dinah Burke (1)

m. Bef 1698
  1. Rebecca Burt1698 -
  2. Elizabeth Burke1699/00 -
  3. Mary Burke1702 -
  4. John Burke1704 -
  5. Phineas Burke1706 -
  6. Dinah Burke1709 -
  7. Azubah Burke1711 -
Facts and Events
Name[2] Dinah Burke
Gender Female
Birth[1] 15 Apr 1709 Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
  1. Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Vital Records of Sudbury, Massachusetts, to the Year 1850. (Boston, Massachusetts: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1903)
    p. 29.

    BURK, Dinah, d. John and Rebakah, [born] Apr. 15, [torn].
    [Note: Source:Boutelle, J. A. Burke and Alvord Memorial, p. 20, gives the year as 1709, which fits between other siblings. What looks like it might be an original record, at least, copied in the same order if not, p. 29 says 1709 and the surrounding records are from the same time frame.]

  2. An article in Source:NEHGS Nexus (New England Historic Genealogical Society), Vol. 13, p. 114, says "Recent research, primarily in the Worcester County Registry of Deeds, has not only added to our knowledge of the John Burt family, but has suggested the identity of Dinah, the previously unknown second wife of Samuel Hunt of Littleton, Mass., ..." (emphasis in this and all quotes has been added since the lack of certainty being emphasized is the point of this note). Several sources indicate the widow of Samuel Hunt then married Benjamin Shattuck of Harvard, having children by both husbands. (Note: the detailed coverage of Dinah is in the second installment of the article, Vol. 13, p. 162. Note in regard to comments in the text, that Wyman's Genealogy of the Name of Hunt fixes the error of Shattuck's Shattuck Memorial by showing Benjamin Shattuck marrying Samuel Hunt's widow, so that error is probably not a concern, but even Wyman still indicates an unknown maiden name.) In any event, the nature of the evidence is a series of transactions between Dinah's brothers John and Phineas and Samuel Hunt, but as there is no relationship indicated in the deeds, the assertion appears to be an assumption based solely on the number of such deeds (p. 13;117: "This series of deeds ... strongly suggests more than a passing acquaintance; the compilers believe..." However, Source:Littleton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Records of Littleton, Massachusetts., p. 341, say Widow Shattuck was aged 78 when she died in 1791, so born about 1713. This is four years off from what appears to be Dinah's birth, and that is enough to raise some concern about this identification. By his first wife Dorothy, Samuel Hunt had Eleanor, Nehemiah, Dorothy, Samuel, and Peter. Dinah added Abel and Elizabeth, Elihu, Mary. Benjamin Shattuck by Dinah had Moses, Edmond, Jonathan, Somes and Arthur. It is somewhat striking that neither John nor Rebecca was is seen in these lists...