Person:Denis Gaudet (1)

Denis Gaudet
d.11 Oct 1709 Port Royale, Acadie
m. ABT 1622
  1. Francoise Gaudet1623 - 1698
  2. Denis GaudetABT 1625 - 1709
  3. Marie GaudetABT 1633 - 1710
m. ABT 1645
  1. Anne GaudetABT 1646 - BEF 1679
  2. Marie GaudetABT 1650 - 1734
  3. Pierre "dit l'Aine" Gaudet1651 - 1741
  4. Pierre "dit Le Jeune" GaudetABT 1654 - 1741
  5. Pierre dit leJeune Gaudet1654 -
  6. Marie Gaudet1657 - ABT 1704
Facts and Events
Name[2][4][9][10] Denis Gaudet
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1625 Martaizé, Vienne, France
Baptism? 1625 Martaizé, Vienne, France
Alt Birth[5] ABT 1625 Seigneury of Aulnay, Martaize, Department of Vienne, FRA
Alt Birth[6] 1625 France
Alt Birth[9][10] 1625 Martaize, Loudon, France
Immigration? 1636 to Port Royal, Acadia from France
Alt Marriage 1644 Port Royal, Acadiato Martine Gauthier
Alt Marriage 1644 Port Royal, Acadiato Martine Gauthier
Residence? 1645 Bridgetown, Acadie
Marriage ABT 1645 Port Royal, , , Acadiato Martine Gauthier
Immigration? ABT 1667 Port Royale, Acadie
Census[1] 1671 Port Royale, Acadie
Census 1671 Port Royal, Acadiawith Martine Gauthier
Census[4] 1678 Port Royale, Acadie
Census? 1693 Port Royal, Acadia
Census? 1698 Port Royal, Acadia
Death? 11 Oct 1709 Port Royale, Acadie
Burial? 11 Oct 1709 Port Royale, Acadie
Occupation? Farmer
Alt Burial? 11 Oct 1709 Port Royal, Acadia
Alt Death[8] abt 11 OCT 1709 Port Royal, Acadia
Alt Death[7] 21 NOV 1709 Port Royal, Acadia

!CENSUS: 1678, a widower.

!CENSUS: 1693, age 70 years.

!CENSUS: 1698, age 82 years (sic).

It is uncertain, but likely that Denis came to Acadia with his father. ________________ Around the time of the Treaty of Breda (1667), which officially restored Acadia to France, Denis Gaudet migrated towards the top of the Port Royal river. His now adolescent sons would be assured of their own possession of land to begin their own establishments. They were the first colonists in this locality situated about 20 kilometers from the fort. They went on to create a large domain on both sides of the river in the region of present Bridgetown, Nova Scotia. Denis and his two sons both named Pierre (one surnamed Laine, and the other Le Jeune), constructed the new farm on the north bank. A map drawn by the surveyor George Mitchell in 1733 shows five habitations at one "Godet Village," at the north-east end of the valley, at a place where the river turns to the south and the space which separates the North and South Mountains gets wider. The author of the history of the town of Bridgetown, Elizabeth Coward, who knows the region thoroughly, places the location of Gaudet Village to the south-east of the present Riverside Cemetery, at the inner limits of the town of Bridgetown, on land which later belonged to the Chipman family and who correspond to number 133 in the cadastral survey of Grandville Township.

At the start of the 17th century, the lawyer-poet Marc Lescarbotdescribed the surroundings at the top of the river (translated from French): "...we are full of desire in seeing the country upstream of the river where we find the prairies (marshes) virtually continuous for more than 12 leagues, among which flow numerous streams that come from the hills and mountains nearby; the forests are plentiful to theaters edge... and there are many bright clearings a long way from the shores..."

In the census of Port Royal in 1693, Denis Gaudet was a widower aged 70 years. He was living with his son Pierre le Jeune who married Marie Blanchard. -- Glenn Laffy Also given as: * ABT. 1625 in Martaize, Vienne, Fr. !DEATH: Leo G Cyr: Madawaskan Heritage, p103-104. age 46 age 70, widower

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  1. Nova Scotia, Canada. Recensements d'Acadie (1671 - 1752), pg. 4.

    Recensement 1671, Port Royal, Acadie
    "Laboureur - DENIS GAUDET aagé de quarante six ans, sa femme Martine Gautier aagée de sinquante deux ans. Leurs enfans cinq, deux de marié: La première Anne Gaudet aagée de ving cinq ans. La seconde Marie aagée de 21 ans. Pierre aagé de 20 ans. Pierre aagé de 27 ans, Marie aagée de quatorze ans tous cinq sans metiers excepté Laboureurs, Leurs terre en valeur six arpens, Leurs bestes a Cornes neuf pièces treize brebis tant petites que grandes."

    1671, Port Royal, Acadia, age 46 years, occupation Laborer (Plowman). Living with wife Martine GAUTIER, age 52. They have 5 children, 2 of them married. 2 of the 3 girls are named Marie, the 2 boys Pierre, all without trade except as laborers. Worthwhile land 6 arpents, 9 cattle and 13 sheep "tant petites que grandes." He is living next door to his father and 2nd wife, Nicolle COLLESON, but is not mentioned in Jean's entry as a married child. Too old? Karen Theriot Reader

    In the census of the Port Royal river valley in 1671, Denis Gaudet gives his age as 46 years old, his wife Martine Gauthier was 52 years old. They had five children, two were married: Anne Gaudet was 25years old (married to Pierre Vincent); Marie Gaudet was 21 years old(married to Olivier Daigre, who lived opposite Gaudet Village on the south bank); Pierre Gaudet l'Ainé, aged 20; Pierre Gaudet le Jeune,aged 17; Marie Gaudet, aged 14. All were farmers. Denis had six arpents of cultivated land (an arpent = roughly 5/6 of an acre), nine horned cattle and 13 sheep, some large, some small.

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