Person:Davold Fry (1)

  1. John Fry1808 - Aft 1889
  2. Salome Fry1809 -
  3. Charles Fry1811 - Bef 1880
  4. Elias Fry1813 - 1887
  5. Jacob Fry1815 - 1886
  6. Theresa Fry1816 -
  7. Ephriam FryAbt 1818 -
  8. Mary Maria Fry1821 -
  9. Silas FryAbt 1825 -
  10. Ziba Fry1828 - 1884
  11. Isiah Fry1829 - 1893
  12. Elizabeth FryAbt 1831 -
  13. DavoldDewalt Fry1834 - 1913
  • HDavoldDewalt Fry1834 - 1913
  • WMary Swan1839 - 1912
m. Abt 1860
  1. Frederick W. Fry1854 - 1932
  2. Henry Franklin FryAbt 1859 - 1940
  3. Sarah E. Fry1863 -
  4. Anna M. Fry1864 - 1866
  5. William D. Fry1864 - 1866
  6. Mary (Marietta) Fry1867 - 1926
  7. Francis Theresa Fry1869 - 1918
  8. John Elmer Fry1870 -
  9. George W. FryAbt 1872 - 1937
  10. Edward C Fry1873 -
  11. Ira D. Fry1875 - 1882
  12. Alice Fry1876 - 1951
  13. Morris E. Fry1880 -
Facts and Events
Name DavoldDewalt Fry
Alt Name Dewalt _____
Gender Male
Birth? 11 Nov 1834 Newport Township, Luzern County, Pennsylvania
Marriage Abt 1860 to Mary Swan
Death? 10 Mar 1913 Lycoming County, Pennsylvania
Burial? White Church Cemetary, Muncy, Pennsylvania
Ancestral File Number RF8Z-MR


The 1850 census lists the name of Dewalt rather than Devold.

E-Mail from Nancy Doutt to Dr. Stan Fry, Jr., D.D.S. 9-12-00

Hi again,

The Dewalt/Devold puzzle I can solve. Are you corresponding with a Sharon Martini? We recently connected and she had the same question. Dewalt/Devold/Devolt/Dewald, spellings come in all these forms in the census and in other records that I have found. Dewald/Dewalt is also a surname in Lycoming County to further complicate the matter. In our family, there were 2 Dewald Frys, uncle and nephew, just 7 years apart in age. They each married a Mary, and had several children with similar names. A researchers nightmare. Fortunately, I talked with several great-uncles who knew each from the other. Here are the facts:

Frederick and Elizabeth's youngest child was Dewald (1833-1907). He married Mary Swann. Frederick's son Jacob (and Lavina) had a son Dewald (1840-1913) who married Mary Heinley (she was the sister of my great-great grandmother... they married Fry brothers). To further complicate the matter, both couples are buried in the same cemetery and the first Dewald has two stones, one spelled as Davold Fry (the older stone with a more German spelling) and DeWald Frey, a newer stone placed, I presume, by the branch of his family who changed the spelling of the last name because there were too many Frys in Lycoming County.

A bit of oral family legend also from my was called Black Dewald and the other White Dewald...but my sources couldn't remember color? complexion? personality! Thanks for responding. The cousins are really popping up all over the net.