Person:David Tulloch (6)

Sir David Tulloch
Facts and Events
Name Sir David Tulloch
Gender Male
Birth? 1460 Northmavine, Shetland, Scotland
Occupation[1] Vicar Northmavine, Shetland, Scotland

David Tulloch was prefixed "Sir" not as an aristocrat but as a cleric, as an abbreviation of Monsignor. See

It's likely that David was a relative of Bishop Thomas Tulloch who was know to have brought over to Shetland a number of Scottish priests, including relatives. He may also have been related to the three Tulloch's who Thomas appointed as Archdeacon of Shetland - Malise de Tulloch, David Tulloch and Thomas Tulloch.

  1. 'Shetland Documents 1159-1579' edited by Brian Smith and John Ballantyne:

    Kirkwau, 31 January 1480-1

    Disposition by James Cragy, youngest son and an heir of the deceased Jhone
    Cragy, to Williame Cragy, lawman of Orknay, his eldest brother german, of
    all and sindry herytabill landis concernyng my part of herytage, wonnyn or
    for to be wonnyn within the bowndis of Orknay and Schetland, for #20 Scots.
    James procures the seals of right honourable and worshipful men: master
    James Kynnaird, archdeacon of Orknay and parson of Cannasby, and Thomas
    Inglis, justice of the said land and fowde of Schetland. James appends
    his own seal. Witnesses: sir Jhone Mcgy, parson of Ronaldsay, sir David
    Tullach, vicar of Nortmaueth, Johne Peyrsoune, Criste Cragy, Mawnus Flet and
    Sande Clerk, with divers others.

    Source: SRO, RH.6/492b. Printed in OSR, no. 32.