Person:David Smith (24)

m. 10 Sep 1783
  1. David Lewis Smith1783 - 1855
m. Abt 1807
  1. Charlotte Smith1808 - 1892
  2. David Lewis Smith1809 - 1898
  3. Unknown Daughter SmithBet 1810 & 1820 -
  4. Anson Ransom Smith1811 - 1893
  5. Richard Sperry Smith1819 - 1897
Facts and Events
Name David Lewis Smith
Gender Male
Birth? 23 Dec 1783 Woodbridge Township, New Haven, Connecticut
Marriage Abt 1807 Connecticutto Charlotte SPERRY
Reference Number Charlotte SPERRY
Death? 3 Dec 1855 Jefferson Twp., Hillsdale County, MI
Burial? Licklys Corners Cemetery, Wright Twp. Hillsdale County, MI

Teri Lee Hull ALLEN - 16725 East C Ave Augusta, MI 49012, Submitted date of 24 Dec 1783 for his birth. This matches the records obtained by Joanne Doster.

In the 1810 Census of Woodbridge, Conn., there is a "D. Smith" with females the correct ges to be David's wife, Charlotte, and their oldest child, Charlotte, who was born in 1808. In the neighboring town of Milford, another "D. Smith" was residing with a family w hose ages fit those of the family of David and Abigal Smith, parents of David L.

About 1811, David Lewis moved his family to Chenango County, NY. By 1820, David L. and Charlotte lived in Guilford Twp., Chenango County., where they had 3 males under 10 (Lewis, Anson and Richard), and a female aged 10-16 (Charlotte). In the neighboring town of Norwich, David L.'s father David, and brother, Bebee, were listed in the 1820 Census with their families.

In the 1830 Census of Guilford, the David L. Smith Family was almost certainly the one listed as L.P. Smith, which was probably supposed to be D.L. Smith. Many mistakes were made by the early census takers. If this was our David Smith family, then we can assume that there were probably 5 daughters and 6 sons in this family. The ages for all of the known children of David and Charlotte are listed correctly under the L.P. Smith family.

By 1840, the David L. Smith family was sresiding in Newfane Township., Niagara County, NY. There were 2 females and a mson listed with them whose names we do not know. The sons, Richard and David Lewis, Jr., were still liviing with their parents, Anson and Charlotte were married to their respective spouses before the 1840 Census.

In 1850, we find David, age 66, and Charlotte, age 50, residing in Newstead Twp., Erie Co., NY. WIth the was a child, Miranda, age 11, who was proabably a granddaughter. Their son, Lewis, was a farmer, living alone on a neighboring farm. David L. was a farmer and a soldier in the War of 1812.

In 1854, David L., and Charlotte moved to Jefferson Twp., Hillsdale Co., Michigan, where they both died.