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Darius Nash Couch
Facts and Events
Name Darius Nash Couch
Gender Male
Birth? 23 Jul 1822 South East, Putnam County , New York
Marriage 31 Aug 1854 Taunton, Bristol, Massto Mary Caroline Crocker
Death? 12 Feb 1897 Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut
Burial? Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Taunton, Bristol County, Mass.
Reference Number? Q2352658?

(Source) This is for all of you who are wondering if you are related to Darius Nash Couch. Darius was b NY 1822 to Jonathan Couch and Betsey (Hall) Penney. Jonathan was b CT 1777 to Thomas III and Sarah Nash. Thomas III was b CT 1751 to Thomas II and Elizabeth Jesup. Thomas II was b CT 1725 to Thomas I and Sarah (Allen) Keeler. Thomas I was b CT 1695 to Simon II and Abigail Sturges. Simon II was b CT ? to Simon I and Mary Andrews. Darius and Mary Caroline had 2 children: 1. Leonard Crocker Couch b 1856. 2. Alice Leavenworth Couch b 1858 Last I heard, a woman in CT was writing a book on Darius Couch. She gave me some of this information. Eleanor ( Date: October 07, 2000 - )

Couch, Darius Nash , Major General, USA 1822-1897 Massachusetts Before Antietam: Pre-War Profession: Graduated USMA 1846 (13th of 59) with Army service in the Mexican and Seminole wars. Noted naturalist and later manufacturer. In June 1861 made Col. of the 7th Massachusetts Regiment. In May 1861 appointed BGen and commanded 1st Division of the IV Corps in Peninsula and Seven Days campaigns. Promoted to MGen in July 62. In Antietam campaign: In command of the 1st Division/ Fourth (IV) Corps, but was on something of a wild goose chase toward and back from Harpers Ferry all day on September 17th. His division was not engaged at Antietam. After Antietam: He commanded Second (II) Corps at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, and then applied for relief of duty. He commanded Pennsylvania militia in the Gettysburg campaign, and led the 2nd Division/XXIII Corps during the Nashville and Carolinas campaigns. After the War: Post War Career: Politician.

Lt. Darius Nash Couch (1822-1897) was on a leave of absence in 1853-54 to collect birds in Mexico for the Smithsonian when he found the oriole. It was later learned the bird had actually been discovered 17 years earlier by Bonaparte, however, the common name was retained. Couch did find a new toad and a kingbird which Spencer Baird named in his honor. Couch later distinguished himself in the Civil War, rising to the rank of General.

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