Person:Daniel Williams (66)

Facts and Events
Name Daniel P. Williams
Gender Male
Birth[1] Verona, Oneida, New York, United States
Death[1] 8 Nov 1875 Watson, Lewis, New York, United States
  1. 1.0 1.1 The Sabbath Recorder
    31:48:3, November 25, 1875.

    Dea. Daniel P. Williams, died at his home in Watson, N. Y., Nov. 8th, 1875, of cancer in the stomach, in the 60th year of his age. He had complained a little for nearly a year, but was able to work until within two months. He sought help of home physicians, but without relief. He then went to see Kingsley, of Rome, N. Y., who could give him no hope of help. Returning home much exhausted, he sank rapidly under the fatal disease, suffering much, but without complaint or murmuring until the angel of death touched his wearied body, and Jesus came to take him home.
    Deacon Williams was born in Verona, Oneida County. He believed in Jesus as a Saviour at the age of sixteen, was baptized by Eld. Daniel Coon, and united with the First Verona Seventh-day Baptist Church. In this town he married, in 1836, Lucinda Scriven.
    He was one of the first settlers in the town of Watson, and one of the constituent members of this church, and very soon chosen one of her deacons, which office he filled with great acceptance to all his brethren, by times their only leader in meetings. Earnest in his prayers, spiritual in his songs, a great lover of the church, given much to hospitality, a friend to pastors, conciliatory in counsel, punctual at church meetings, and all her appointments, and took a lively interest in all denominational missions.
    As a father doing all for his children that a loving parent could do, an affectionate husband, a good citizen, a strong anti-slavery man, and pledged to the cause of temperance, surely the church of Watson has met with an irreparable loss. One of her good officers has fallen at his post; but while we greatly feel our loss, we would not murmur against a kind Father who has taken him to rest in heaven. His last words were, "Jesus, Jesus, come quickly." T. R. R.