Person:Daniel Shellenberger (1)

  1. Susannah R. Shellenberger1832 -
  2. Daniel Shellenberger1835 - 1835
  3. Andrew R. Shellenberger1836 -
  4. Abraham Shellenberger1838 - 1898
  5. Sarah ShellenbergerBet 1841 & 1850 - Bet 1841 & 1850
  6. Elizabeth R. ShellenbergerBet 1841 & 1850 -
  7. Dr. Jacob Shellenberger1841 -
  8. Mary Shellenberger1848 - Bet 1873 & 1878
Facts and Events
Name Daniel Shellenberger
Gender Male
Birth[1] 23 Feb 1835 West Hempfield, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States
Death[1] 23 Aug 1835 West Hempfield, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States
  1. 1.0 1.1 Biographical annals of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania: containing biographical and genealogical sketches of prominent and representative citizens and of many of the early settlers. (Chicago: J.H. Beers & Co., 1903).

    farmer residing in West Hempfield township, was
    born a half-mile distant from his present farm, Aug.
    25, 1836; son of Jacob and Elizabeth (Rohrer) Shell-
    enberger, natives of the same township, the former
    of whom was born on the same farm on which his
    son was afterward born.

    Jacob Shellenberger was a life-long farmer, and
    was quite prominent in his day, being supervisor of
    his town when still a young man. His death took
    place in February, 1877, when he was seventy-six
    years old, but his wife, who was born March 17,
    1809, survived till Jan. 22, 1890. They were mem-
    bers of the German Baptist Church, but their re-
    mains were interred in Habekers ]\Iennonite Church-
    yard. Their family consisted of eight children, viz :
    Susannah R., who was born on the old homestead
    June II, 1832. and has never married; Daniel, born
    Feb. 23, 1835, died Aug. 23, 1835 ; Andrew R., is
    the gentleman whose name opens this biographical
    notice ; Abraham, born June 10, 1838, died Jan. 10,

    1898; Jacob R., born March 9, 1841, a physician in
    Germantown; Elizabeth R., born May 15, 1844., lives
    in Mountville, and is the widow of Abram Mellinger ;
    Sarah, born Nov. 15, 1847, died Nov. 17, 1847, and
    Mary, born Oct. 26, 1848, was married to Amos N.
    Lehman, of Manor township, and died Nov. 22, 1873.

    Andrew R. Shellenberger lived in the old home-
    stead until the spring of 1869, and then came to his
    present farm of eighty-four acres, where he is en-
    gaged in raising tobacco. Abraham Shellenberger,
    brother of Andrew R., was born on this farm, and
    here died. This farm was granted from John,
    Thomas, and Richard Penn, sons of William Penn,
    Sept. 17, 1746,- to Ulrick Shallenberger, an ancestor
    of the present family. Further allusion to Abraham
    Shellenberger's family will be made a little fur-
    ther on.

    On Nov. 22, 1868, Andrew R. Shellenberger
    married Martha Mellinger in Lancaster City, and to
    this union have been born three children as 'follows :
    Ella M., April 7, 1873, died Aug. 22, 1875 ; Jacob
    C, born July 9, 1876, is still unmarried ; and Edward
    M., born Feb. 28, 1882. Mrs. Martha (Mellinger)
    Shellenberger was born in Manor township Feb. 15,
    1841, daughter of Christian and Susan (Hertzler)
    Mellinger. The family are Mennonites. Andrew
    R., the father, has served as township auditor, being
    elected by the Republican party of which he is a
    stanch advocate.

    On Jan. 14, 1872, Abraham Shellenberger, spoken
    of above, married Anna N. Lehman, a native of
    Manor township, a daughter of Benjamin Lehman
    and sister of Amos NT Lehman, of whom further may
    be read on another page of this volume. To Abra-
    ham and Anna N. Shellenberger were born three chil-
    dren, viz: Elizabeth L., Mary L., and Daniel L.
    The father, Abraham had a fine farm of 140 acres,
    on which he passed his entire life. A Mennonite in
    religion, he was a Deacon in that church at the time
    of bis death ; in politics he was a Republican.
    The first of the Shellenberger family, Ulrick
    Shellenberger, came to West Hempfield township
    from the southern part of Germany in 1726, and en-
    gaged in farming. Mrs. Elizabeth R. (Shellenber-
    ger) Mellinger was'born in this township, a daugh-
    ter of Jacob and Elizabeth (Rohrer) Shellenberger,
    who both died on the old homestead. The father was
    a farmer, and was sixty-seven years of age at the time
    of his death in 1878, and the mother died in 1886,
    aged eighty-one years, both in the faith of the Dunk-
    ard (German Baptist) Church, and their remains
    were interred in the Habecker church cemetery. The
    children born to the imion of Jacob and Elizabeth
    (Rohrer) Shellenberger were, in the order of birth.



    as follows : Susannah, still single, and living on the
    old farm; Daniel, deceased; Andrew, a farmer in
    West Hempfield township ; Abra, who died in 1898 ;
    Jacob, a physician in active practice at Germantown ;
    Elizabeth R., widow of Abraham H. Mellinger ;
    Sarah, who died ; and Mary, who was married
    to Amos N. Lehman, and who died in 1878. The
    paternal ancestors, Andrew and Elizabeth (Forry)
    Shellenberger, came from Switzerland, and were
    early settlers in West Hempfield township, where
    they followed farming; the maternal grandparents
    Abraham and Elizabeth (Eby) Rohrer, of Lancaster
    county, both died in Manor township.