Person:Daniel Sedgwick (2)

m. 2 Jul 1868
  1. Richard Hall Sedgwick1869 - 1952
  2. Rosie May Sedgwick1871 - 1923
  3. Daniel Hall Sedgwick1873 - 1951
  4. George Wilford Sedgwick1875 - 1938
  5. Alonzo Gustavus Sedgwick1877 - 1900
  6. Mary Emma Sedgwick1880 - 1882
  7. Zina Young Sedgwick1883 - 1896
  8. Rachael Harriette Sedgwick1885 - 1922
m. 23 Dec 1897
  1. Daniel Baker Sedgwick1898 - between 1950 - 1970
  2. Mary Isabell Sedgwick1902 - 1928
  3. Henry Gustave Sedgwick1904 - 1910
  4. Lillian Sedgwick1907 - 1995
Facts and Events
Name Daniel Hall Sedgwick
Gender Male
Birth? 18 May 1873 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States
Marriage 23 Dec 1897 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USAto Isabelle Baker
Death[1][3] 25 Feb 1951 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States
Burial? 27 Feb 1951 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United StatesCity Cemetery
Unknown? 1C0113
Other? Somewhere Southwest and then on the right hand side or something Cemetery Description

BEP New York (1870) Utah Timeline (1880,1890) Emigrates to Idaho in 1904. Idaho Timeline (1900,1910,1920) Later Utah Timeline(1930,1940)

History written by Lavon Longmore/Hunt

Daniel Hall Sedgwick, was born the 18th May 1873 in Brooklyn, Kings, New York the third child of Richard Sedgwick and Mary Emma Hall. His parents were both born in England and his father, Richard, went through many hardships and trials to come to America (You can read of his life in his history.) His persistence and determination was passed on to grandpa as one of his personal traits. Grandpa’s father was the first member of the church in the Sedgwick line. His parents must have been wonderful parents to have raised such a great son as my Grandpa.

Daniel came to Utah from New York with his parents when he was about ten years old. He attended school in Bountiful, Utah and went on to graduate from the University of Utah in 1897. Among other things he studied music and art. He graduated in the same class as David O. McKay (who later became the Prophet of the LDS Church). He served a mission for the Church in the late 1890’s in California. I’ll bet he was a good missionary.

He met and married Isabelle Baker, on 23 December 1897 in the Salt Lake Temple. She was born 23 February 1874 in Salt Lake City, Utah. They had four children, Daniel, (12 Oct. 1899) Mary Isabelle, (18 Mar. 1902) Henry Gustave, (5 April 1904) and Lillian, (9 Feb 1907). The first three children were born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Lillian the youngest was born in Riverside, Idaho.

Henry died at the age of six of whooping cough and diphtheria. Maybelle died at the age of twenty six with a ruptured appendix. His children all called him “Papa”

Daniel taught school in Utah for about five years, then after moving to Idaho, he worked in the school system for at least another twenty years, both teaching and serving as principal several times…

After moving to Idaho, the family lived in may different areas including Riverside, Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Ammon, Garfield, Woodville, Lincoln, Inkum, Downey, Cambridge, Moreland, Mt. Home, Basalt and Blackfoot.

Daniel was a very intelligent and industrious man not only did he work in the school system for all those years he was also a business man, a dairy man, and a farmer.

In Downey, Idaho, he owned a furniture store but being the kind person he was, gave credit to so many people he was not able to meet his financial obligations and he went broke.

At one time he ran a farm for a Congressman. He also bought a dairy farm. He bought a truck (the first motorized dairy truck in Pocatello)

In Pleasant Grove he ran the Brandy Farm. Here they had cows, pigs, horses, chickens, etc. this was real country living, coal stove for heat and cooking, well water, outside plumbing of course! It took lots of hard work and time. It acquired the nickname of “Hog Holler”!

After this they moved to Woodville where he taught school. He made real good money here. He bought a real nice car also had a sleigh pulled by horses that the kids loved.

They bought a farm in Ammon and did very well so he invested in a service station. Once again, he lost it all! (because of someones dishonest dealings. Too bad when you can’t trust your friends) But with his great stamina and determination he did not give up.

Moving to Basalt, Daniel again taught school. In Pocatello he continued working in the schools; he also enjoyed his church callings, (which were many). He served on the Stake High Council in 1914-1915.

Daniel was a devoted and religious son of God. Always kind, doing good and setting a wonderful example to his family and others he met. He worked hard all his life never giving up but picking up the pieces and going on.

A granddaughters earliest recollection of Daniel was when she was about 2-3 years old. She states "Grandpa was living in a house that had a long stairway going up to the bedrooms (perhaps we were staying with them for a time). I remember the walls were papered with a blue floral paper with stripes in it. I would have my nightie on, ready for bed, Grandpa would pick me up to carry me upstairs and everyone would say “good-night sleep-tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite”, and in my little girl voice I would say “I won’t”. We still use those words today in our family and I am only 74 years old!"

Daniel moved back to Utah in about 1931-1932. He had several homes here. On 2nd North and about West Temple. (in the 19th ward in Salt Lake Stake). Shelmerdine Court on the Southeast side of town where he owned a grocery store (The grandchildren remember how exciting it was to go get candy free!) After that he moved to Almond Street (between 2nd – 3rd North). He then purchased a home on Capital Hill 372 North Main Street where they live the rest of their life. Capital Hill Ward in the Salt Lake Stake (there was a lot of moving going on) Daniel also owned an apartment building on Wall Street close by.

The grandkids home was only about two blocks down the hill from their home so they were able to have a close relationship with them. It was a real steep climb up the hill, but it was worth it. A granddaughter stated "I loved being there with my Grandma (Grandpa was working at the Deseret Industries in the shoe department. When he would come home he would sit in his favorite rocking chair, listen to the radio and work on a crossword puzzle (which is what I enjoy not – “crosswords”). I remember his office with all his books and his typewriter. (if we were careful we could use it). He was a very quiet unassuming man, patient, kind, never a loud word or comment from him. If he was ever upset or angry I for one never knew it. He always continued faithful and true in the gospel; serving in so many capacities. I remember him blessing the many babies, doing confirmations for us kids, I only hope we can live by his example and emulate him in our lives."

After Isabelle passed away, Daniel married Louise Covington 13 Dec. 1945. Daniel passed on to be with his loved ones on 23 February 1951 in the LDS Hospital from a very unexpected heart attack. He is buried along side his sweet Isabelle in the Salt Lake Cemetery.

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