Person:Daniel Humphrey (2)

m. 6 Jul 1699
  1. Captain John Humphrey1700/01 - 1760
  2. Hannah Humphrey1700/01 - 1787
  3. Sergeant Benajah Humphrey1701 - 1761
  4. Deacon Michael Humphrey1703 -
  5. Rev. Daniel HumphreyCal 1707 - 1787
  • HRev. Daniel HumphreyCal 1707 - 1787
  • WSarah Riggs1711 - 1787
m. 18 Apr 1739
  1. Major Elijah Humphrey1746 - 1785
  2. General David Humphrey1752 - 1818
Facts and Events
Name[1] Rev. Daniel Humphrey
Gender Male
Birth[1] cal 1707 Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Degree[1] 1732 Yale College.
Ordination[1] 6 Mar 1734 Derby, New Haven, Connecticut, United StatesCongregational minister at Derby.
Occupation[1] bet 1734 and 1787 Derby, New Haven, Connecticut, United StatesCongregational minister at Derby.
Marriage 18 Apr 1739 Derby, New Haven, Connecticut, United Statesto Sarah Riggs
Death[1] 2 Sep 1787 Derby, New Haven, Connecticut, United States
Burial[1][2] 4 Sep 1787 Old Derby Uptown Burying Ground, Derby, New Haven, Connecticut, United States
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    "144. Rev. Daniel4 Humphreys, [43] (Dea. John,3 Sergt. John,2 Michael1,) was born in 1707, at Simsbury, Ct.; graduated at Yale College in 1732; and became pastor of the First Church of Christ (Congregational) in Derby, Ct., in 1734, having been given a call December 3d, 1733, and the day of ordination having been 'appointed for the first Wednesday of March next.' …

    'The following statement was recorded by John Humphreys, the town clerk at the time, and is probably a very faithful, as it is a very interesting, sketch of the character and life of his father:—

    'The Rev. Daniel Humphreys died at Derby on Lord's day morning, the second day of September, A. D., 1787.

    'For more than half a century he was the established minister of the First society in said town. His funeral was attended on Tuesday, when, the corpse being carried into the meeting-house, the Rev. Dr. Edwards began divine service with prayer, which was succeeded by singing a favorite psalm of the deceased, the seventy-first. Then the Rev. Mr. Leavenworth preached a sermon from 2 Tim., iv. 6-8, to a numerous and mournful auditory. After which was sung an anthem taken from the seventh chapter of Job. The procession then moved to the grave and performed the interment with everv mark of affectionate respect for so pious and venerable a character.'"

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