Person:Craig Nix (1)

  1. Emily Hope Nix1953 - 1953
  2. Craig Nix1955 - 2015
  • HCraig Nix1955 - 2015
  • W.  Sharon Webster (add)
Facts and Events
Name Craig Nix
Gender Male
Birth? 12 May 1955 Gadsen, Alabama, United States
Marriage to Sharon Webster (add)
Death? 12 Aug 2015 Monroe, Ouachita, Louisiana, United StatesUnexpected; in Saint Francis Medical Center
Burial? 15 Aug 2015 Franklin, Louisiana, United StatesCarraway Cemetery near Winnsboro

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This is B.E. Nix's family. He was a very strict, but highly respected man. Was driving the car with sister Ophelia when they wrecked and she passed away.

Berlie Ethridge Nix 6-26-1921 died 10-30-1996 married Earline Lee Glass Nix 5-29-1929 married 5-29- 46(?) died October 16, 2004

       B.E. Nix graduated with a master�of Education from Auburn University and a bachelors from Jackson State in Education and Math.
       Principal of Rainbow City for 3-5 years and then Reeltown High School 1964-1983
       Navy Veteran of WWII, spoke fluent German, stationed in Australia, learned to fly planes in Navy and was rumored to have been a spy during WWII.
       Received numerous military achievement awards.

Children oldest to youngest Phyllis Nix married Bart Evans (lived mostly in Portland, Ore, but recently moved to Bay St. Louis, MS)

   Phyllis had no children, allegedly by choice.  She completed a family tree well enough to establish enough Indian decent to pay for college and membership into the Creek Nation, however she has never been willing to share, why I don't know, but she was able to obtain numerous birth and death records.

Still Born Baby Emily Hope Nix 1953 Craig Nix 5-12-1955�(nearly died at birth) married Sharon Kay Webster born March 24, 1957 of Tallassee/Kent, AL daughter of Eurelle Miller Webster whom married Zora Pearl Kelly. Married again later on (date unknown) to Ann Gower.

�������Joshua Paul Nix 4-23-1980 (developed colon cancer at age 15 but not detected until age 21)�and Kristen Kara Nix 12-30-1977 (no children as of 2004) and Dustin Foster (no information available).
           Joshua Paul Nix's Children:
           Carson Ky Nix 11-11-2000
           Sarah Rose Nix 3-1-2002
           Joshua Paul Nix 4-23-1980 married Donya Michele Eason (Eclectic, AL) 10-3-81 (Divorced; Date unknown)
               Lived in Millbrook, AL (Elmore County) Died on September 16, 2009 of colon cancer.

Keith Allen Nix born 1957 married Mary Leigh Adamsik of South Florida (living in Ft. Myers, FL)

   children:     Marki Leigh Nix�born 1993
                    Danielle Leigh Nix 12-6-1988
����Keith adopted Mary's first born son Greg Leigh Nix who has become an Army Ranger Officer and excelled very well

Kimberlie Walker Nix 1965 married Rodney Walker of Macon County, AL (live in Opelika, AL)

       Children:   Emily Nix���1997
                       Molly Adillia Walker (nearly died at birth) 2001

I have some more that I'd like to share, but will require Microsoft Word to open, I will try to send it soon.

Thanks J. Paul Nix 263 Payson Road Deatsville, AL 36022

It seems no one knows Molly's maiden name. I asked Earline several times, but she could never remember, I'll send for my uncle Keith and see if he knows. I do know that she was half Creek or Cherokee Indian. I heard on many many occasions of her brother or father being severely crippled and being buried sitting up in a rocking chair.�

Ellis did marry Lethy (I don't know the spelling, but it was pronounced Leeth E). They had a son named Waco, he's about 50 now.�

Irene does still live with Roger. I too have come across an obit for another Irene Pate. As far as the middle initial, I don't know. Roger and Sherry's son's are Jason (oldest) and Brandon.

The more I hear from you, the more comes back to me.

I'm working now, but will most likely email again this evening.