Person:Constanca Rodrigues (3)

b.ABT 1394
d.AFT 1484
m. BET 1380 AND 1390
  1. Constanca RODRIGUESAbt 1394 - Aft 1484
m. BET 1410 AND 1415
  1. Beatris GONCALVES DA CAMARAAbt 1418 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] Constanca RODRIGUES
Gender Female
Birth? ABT 1394
Marriage BET 1410 AND 1415 to Joao Zarco GONCALVES DA CAMARA
Death? AFT 1484

regista also mentiion her under Almeida pg 23 Eluciderio says she is Constanca Rodrigues de Almeida. wikipedia says-He married Constança Rodrigues, daughter of Rodrigo Lopes de Sequeiros (?) and wife

RE the original reference to Cecilia Colonna as her mother-Per Paulo: Constança Rodrigues, as far as I know, was only documented that way, with no family name. I don't know where this "Sá/Sciarra-Collona" parentage legend original came from, but at 1590, much before Henrique Henriques de Noronha has wroten his nobiliary, she was named "Constança Rodrigues de ALMEIDA" by Gaspar Frutuoso, who wrote a book about the Portuguese Atlantic history while staying on Ponta Delgada, Azores. Gaspar Frutuoso says she was from noble ancestry, but doesn't tell any more details about that. The Sá/Sciarra-Collona couple, so it seems, where the parents of João Rodrigues de Sá "das Galés" which is the ancestor of the Azorean Sá Constança Rodrigues was indeed his sister, or in anyway related to him, I have serious doubts that Gaspar Frutuoso would fail to mention it, with all the direct knowledge he had about the Azorean lineages. I believe you can safely discard this Sá ancestry from Zargo's wife. Miguel- Noone knows frøm where that Abreu comes. Probably from Constança Rodrigues, who then would be Constança Rodrigues de Abreu, and not "de Almeida", and even less "de Sá" and certainly not "Colonna." The origin of Constaça Ropdrigues, "a Capitoa", is always on the frønt page. And up to now noone has been able to link her to an older family. During centuries she was supposed to be Rodrigues de Sá or Rodrigues de Almeida. But none of her sons or daughters used the "de Sá" which was a great and noble name to bear in that time, far superior to Zarco, Câmara or any other.

  1. Henrique Henriques de Noronha-Nobilarios of Madeira, Portugal. Teixeiras - HHN