Person:Conrad Heller (1)

m. Abt 1620
  1. Conrad Heller1642 - 1666
m. Abt 1662
  1. Hans Jacob HellerAbt 1662 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Conrad Heller
Gender Male
Birth? 1642 Weyl, Zurich, Switzerland; 0
Marriage Abt 1662 Pfeddersheim, Rhein-Hesse, Germany; Quality: 0to Anna Gottlieba SCHLINTWEIN
Death? 1666 Pfeddersheim, Worms, Rhein-Hesse, Germany; 0
Ancestral File Number 4W0X-T5

Description: ninth great grandfather Description: eighth great grandfather Conrad came from Switzerland to repopulate the Rheinland after it's devastion during the 30 Years War

Name: Hans Conrad HELLER Sex: M Birth: 1640 in Weyl bei Rafz, Zurich, Switzerland Death: 1666 in Pfeddersheim, Rhein-Hesse, Germany Note: "When the Thirty Years War ended in 1648, there were only 30 families left in the village of Pfeddersheim. The population increased over the next 12 years, and came to include our ancestor Conrad Heller who had come down from Switzerland to help repopulate the Pfalz. Conrad married Anna Gottlieba Schlintwein, and through her it might be possible to trace our heritage to the old history of Pfeddersheim... In the article 'Our Heller Heritage' by Mrs. Betty Massman, we are given some insight into the short life of Conrad Heller. Research in the records of Pfeddersheim revealed that soon after marriage, Conrad settled with his new wife in a house near the Wormser Gate and the Neuer Tower. The house was an inheritance from Anna Gottlieba's father Adam, and was shared by her brother Marx and sister Maria, the wife of Valentin Bootz. Conrad and Anna Gottlieba Heller acquired the other two thirds of the house on January 30, 1662, when the house was signed over to them. Pfeddersheim was essentially a walled fortress, and it is likely that the town had some duty as the protector of the western approach to Worms. Whatever its specific function, it was obvious that the walls and towers of Pfeddersheim would need a garrison of troops. The next few years show that Conrad took an active part in the security of his new home. Mrs. Massman's research calls Conrad a Police Supervisor in the year 1662. In 1663 Conrad was a guard at the main gate, which was the gate near his home. This gate looks to the south, and from it a road leading east and west is still essentially the main route from Pfeddersheim to Worms. In 1664 Conrad diversified and is listed as a 'Weinschroter' (maker of wine barrels), and in 1666 Mrs. Massman shows him as a 'Feldsbesher' (grounds inspector). This was the last occupation for Conrad Heller, who is thought to have died in the year 1666; it is likely that he was yet to have reached his 30th birthday. In Mrs. Massman's research a document was discovered which showed an accounting of Conrad's estate 'as 30 guilders in cash, one black cloth coat, one cloth dress, knit stockings, a shotgun and cartridge bag with a value of 2 guilders, four good male shirts, a satchel, four snuff bottles, one hoe, one shovel and one hatchet. Other possessions were his house, farmland, a bed, merchandise, hardware, wood objects, barrels, cowls, wines, fruit and seed.' " (Michael D. Robinson, The Heller Family of Pfeddersheim, Germany and Northampton, Pennsylvania; Ancestors and Descendants of Johann Christoph Heller and Veronica nee Lavall, Third Edition; 25719 Jeans Road, Veneta, Oregon, May 2000; pages 8-9)

Middle name could be Cunradt Another birth place Canton, Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

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    Doc. #221 Not in file found on F:\My Documents\My Pictures\Family\Butch & Kathy\Kathy\Kathy's documents-- Family's of Conrad Heller ( dob 1642, Wife Anna Schlintwein, Kathy's 9th Great grandparents) , Johan Michael Lawall ( DOB 1652, wife, Anna Catharina Kern Kathy's 7th Great Grandparents)

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