Person:Clemente Vidas (1)

Clemente Milivoj (Klemente) (Emil) Vidas
b.23 NOV 1886 Hreljin, Croatia
d.26 FEB 1954 LaSalle, Ill.
  1. Clemente Milivoj (Klemente) (Emil) Vidas1886 - 1954
m. 23 MAY 1908
  1. Brovius (John) Vidas1909 - 1994
  2. Margaret Mary Vidas1915 - 1997
Facts and Events
Name Clemente Milivoj (Klemente) (Emil) Vidas
Gender Male
Birth? 23 NOV 1886 Hreljin, Croatia
Emigration? 1903 Can't read census data. May have come over a year later that his wife.
Marriage 23 MAY 1908 Sv. Josipa, Praputnjak, Croatiato Stanlea (Stanka or Stana) Gertrude Kariolic
Military? ABT 1909 Austrian navy; discharged after six months
Other ABT 1941 Myrtle Willis Darline was a foster child, according to recordsFoster child
with Stanlea (Stanka or Stana) Gertrude Kariolic
Other ABT 1941 They lived at Irving Avenue in 1920 and 6337 N. Clark St. about 1937 then 6348 N. Greenview, artment III, a block away by about 1947Address (Marriage Pg)
with Stanlea (Stanka or Stana) Gertrude Kariolic
Death? 26 FEB 1954 LaSalle, Ill.
Burial? St. Vincent Cemetery, LaSalle, Ill.

There's a boatload of people who went with Emil when he went back in 1904. There is a ship's manifest from St. Paul showing a Clemente Vidas, the name he used then, arriving in New York Jan. 17, 1904, going to Chicago to visit an acquintance, Ivan Zagar, in Chicago. It shows him at 19 years, two months, about right. He was heading for his acquintance in a neihborhood where Emil spent all his life in America, Apparent traveling companions were Antonio Stiglic, possibly Marietta's godfather in 1894, meeting his uncle, which I cannot make out, Gizcomo Grubisic, 31, from Mrkopalj and Ivan Zagar's cousin, and Philippo Zagare, also of Mrkopalj. Mrkopolj is in the province of Gorski Kotar, where the family came from. It's possible this was one of Emil's trips to the Americas, Manifest also says Emil was never in America, which is possible if he went to Montevideo in search of his father. Family legend says he was 14 when he lost track of his father in Montevideo, eventually settling in Chicago. He would have had to been back in Croatia about 1909 or 1910 to have fathered my uncle John. He was apparently finished with the navy by 1907, according to his militupak The manifest shows he was coming over to visit Zagar at 2246 Kentworth? in Chicago. Emil gives farmer as his occupation, which may be true since he raised grapes, according to family legend. The hometown, Hreljin, Hungary, is correct

We have Emil's militurpak, or military booklet, in which says he served for three months in the Austian navy. We have sent for whatever records may exist in the war archives department in Vienna.

Clement Vidas from Hreljn came over in 1904 on the St. Paul, apparently with Anthony Stliglic. Stiglic gave an address of 2246 Kentworth, the address he listed as his uncle's on Clement's manifest. Don't know if Anthony was Marietta's godfather from 1895. He was 30 when he came over. Clement was 19. He probably came over five years earlier, according to family legend. He was looking for his father, he disappeared in Montevideo. Emil's militurpak shows a discharge of 1907 and Pola as his station.

The city directory for 1914 shows Emil as a motorman then.