Person:Christopher Uhl (1)

m. bef. 1705
  1. John Yowell1705 - AFT 1782
  2. Magdalena Yowell1706 -
  3. Anna Catherina Yowell1709/10 -
  4. Frederick David Yowell1712 - AFT 1770
  5. Anna Barbara Yowell1714 -
  6. James Yowell1716/17 - 1777
  7. Christopher Yowell1720 - AFT 1750
  8. Elizabeth YowellABT 1725 -
Facts and Events
Name Christopher Uhl
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1679 Sulzfeld, Baden, Wurttenberg, Germany
Marriage bef. 1705 to Margaret Unknown
Death[1] 1761 Culpeper County, Virginia

Christopher Uhl was one of the Early Settlers of Germanna Colony

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Immigration to Germanna Colony

Christopher Uhl and his family are listed among the second group of settlers to Germanna Colony in Virginia in April 1717:

  • Christopher Uhl (Yowell, Owell), Eva, Georg Friedrich, 12, Magdalena, 11, Anna Catharina, 8, Friedrich David, 5, Anna Barbara, 3, Hans Jacob (James), infant

Early Land Acquisitions in Virginia

  • Christopher Awel [OWEL|. 124a. NL. St. Marks Par.. Spotsylvania, in great fork of Rappahannock R: Michael A well's line; c. tothesd. Awel& Michael Clause. 12 Sep. 1733. (p. 120) [Spotsylvania County, Virginia Deed Book 15].

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Christopher Uhl (Youell, Owell) received a patent of 400 acres "Kindsey's line... along a hill side crossing a run... head of a branch... side of a mountain..." on 28 Sept. 1728, (as listed in the disposition below):
  • Pg. 191-193. Indenture 8 Aug. 1744 between William Vigour of Stafford County, Joyner, and Christopher Yowell of Orange County... deeds of lease and release... payment of £38.. for 555 acres... St. Mark's Parish, Orange County, on fork of the Rappahannock River.. (corner) Michael Cloars.... (signed) William Vigour (seal). Witnesses: J. Dillon, Jno. Willis, W. Hughes, Francis (X) Michaell. Recorded Orange County 23 August 1744. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 9, Dorman, pg. 22].

Disposition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pages 155-59. 8-9 March 1742 [1743]. Christopher Owell of Orange County to John Owell of same. Lease and release; for £10 current money. 100 acres, part of 400 acres granted by pattent unto Christopher Owell 28 Sept. 1728... Kindsey's line... along a hill side crossing a run... head of a branch... side of a mountain... (signed) Christopher (C) Owell, Mary (X) Owell. 24 March 1742 [1743]. Acknowledged by Christopher Owell. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 7, Dorman, pg. 48]. (Note: John Owell is the son of Christopher Owell).

Information on Christopher Uhl

From "Thomas Wieland (Wayland) and related lines" (

Christopher UHL was born in 1679 in Sulzfeld, Baden, Wurttenberg, Germany. He died in 1761 in , Culpeper Co., Virginia.

One source for this Yowell line online is:

He had the following children:

  M i John YOWELL 
  F ii Magdalena YOWELL was born on 21 Sep 1706 in Sulzfeld, Baden, Wurttenberg, Germany. 
  F iii Ann Catharina YOWELL was born on 23 Mar 1709/1710 in Sulzfeld, Baden, Wurttenberg, Germany. 
  M iv Friedrick David YOWELL 
  F v Anna Barbara YOWELL was born on 8 Nov 1714 in Sulzfeld, Baden, Wurttenberg, Germany. 
  M vi James YOWELL was born on 10 Jan 1716/1717 in Sulzfeld, Baden, Wurttenberg, Germany. He died in 1777. 
  M vii Christopher YOWELL was born in 1720 in , Culpeper Co., Virginia. He died after 1750. 
  F viii Rebecca YOWELL 
  F ix Elizabeth YOWELL 

Perhaps Christopher and his son John were the following passengers on the ship "Adventurer", which sailed from Rotterdam and arrived in Philadelphia on Oct. 2, 1727:

Ulrich, Johannas Ulrich, Christo (only heads of family were listed on this ship)

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