Person:Christina Fite (1)

m. bef 1750
  1. Peter Fite1753/54 - 1817
  2. Catharine Fite1754 - bef 1850
  3. Christina Fite1756 - 1855
  4. Rev John Fite1758 - 1852
  5. Leonard Fite1760 - 1842
  6. Mary Fite1765 - 1850
m. 11 Jan 1775
  1. Christina Lamberson1776 -
  2. Esther Lamberson1777 -
  3. John William Lamberson1779 - 1865
  4. Conrad LambersonABT 1782 -
  5. Lawrence Lamberson, Jr.1789 - BEF 1870
  6. Leonard Lamberson1794 - 1851
  7. Peter Lamberson1800 - ABT 1860
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Christina Fite
Alt Name[1] Christina Lamberson
Gender Female
Birth[1] 01 Dec 1756 Sussex, New Jersey, United States
Marriage 11 Jan 1775 Sussex, NJ, USto Lawrence Lamberson, Sr.
Will[5][16][17] 23 Jun 1784 Sussex, New Jersey, United States
Baptism[6][18] 18 July 1784 Allen (township), Northampton, Pennsylvania, United StatesSon Bapt Leonhard Lammerson
Residence[2] Bef 1787 Greenwich, Warren, New Jersey, United StatesOriginally Sussex County, NJ
Other 1787 North Carolina, United StatesMigration
with Lawrence Lamberson, Sr.
Other 1796 Smith, Tennessee, United StatesMigration
with Lawrence Lamberson, Sr.
Census[7] 1820 Smith, Tennessee, United States
Census[8] 1830 Smith, Tennessee, United States
Other[4][14] 31 Aug 1844 DeKalb, Tennessee, United StatesApp of Margaret Fite, Pension
Census[9] 1850 Smith, Tennessee, United States
Pension[3][11][12][13][15] 15 Mar 1850 DeKalb, Tennessee, United StatesApp of Christina Lamberson for Rev. Pension
Residence 15 March 1850 DeKalb, Tennessee, United Stateswith Lawrence Lamberson, Sr.
Death[1] 03 Jan 1855 Salem Baptist Church Cemetery, DeKalb, Tennessee, United States
Reference Number[1] 13138

Christina Fite was born in Sussex County, New Jersey the daughter of Johannes Vogt (John Fite) and Catharine Elizabeth Fite[5][16][17]. She married Lawrence Lamberson the 5 Jan 1775 in Oxford, Sussex, New Jersey[1]. It is believed that the Lamberson's moved to North Carolina with other members of the Fite family, and at least three of her brothers -- Peter, John, and Leonard Fite[2]. About 1796/98 she and her family moved to Tennessee near Liberty and then on to DeKalb, Tennessee where she died 3 Jan 1855. Her husband preceded her in death in 1833.

Two of Lawrence and Christina sons were baptised at the Evangical Lutheran Congregation Church in Allen TWP, Northampton, Pennsylvania[6][18]. They were Leonhard and Lorenz Lamberson.

Christina Lamberson filed for a Revolutionary Pension on 15 March 1850 in DeKalb, Tennessee[3] based on the service of her husband. Her application was rejected probably due to the fact that she could not prove her husband served at least six months. She also did not have any marriage document proving she was married to Lawrence Lamberson other than the sworn testimony word of her brother, Rev. John Fite. Rev. Fite gives several sworn testimonies, including a sworn statement that he was a "Minister of the Gospel", to try and help her with the process. One of the final documents in the rejected Pension file was that she needed a Congressman to approve her application. She died on 3 January 1855 in DeKalb County, Tennessee, at the age of 99, never having achieved her pension application approval.

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