Person:Christian Willman (1)

Christian Willman
b.Abt 1770 Bonn, Germany
d.4 Sep 1840 Adams County, Ohio
m. Abt 1769
  1. Christian WillmanAbt 1770 - 1840
  2. Conrad WillmanAbt 1772 -
  3. Hendrick WillmanAbt 1774 -
  4. Wilhelm WillmanAbt 1776 -
  5. Maria Elizabeth Willman1782 - 1874
m. Abt 1802
  1. Adam WillmanAbt 1803 - Abt 1879
  2. James Vincent Willman1808 - 1880
  3. Parthenia Willman1818 - 1880
  4. Henry WillmanAbt 1821 - Bef 1880
Facts and Events
Name Christian Willman
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1770 Bonn, Germany
Marriage Abt 1802 to Belinda (Willman)
Occupation? barber
Death? 4 Sep 1840 Adams County, Ohio
Burial? Willman Family Cemetery, Tater Ridge Road, Oliver Twp., Adams County, Ohio

Wife is Anna Marg. Elisab. Wielmann, and baptized a son Johannes Wielmann Jan 20 1779 at Host Church, Berks Co.

Margaret Evalyn Rea Brothers found evidence that shows Christian may have been married twice. Once to Belinda (Linna) and ~ an Anna Margaretha Elisabeth. Margaret found a baptismal record for Johannes Willmann, son of the above. She also has a note about the Host Reform Church in Tulpehocken, Berke Co., PA. Unsure of the source, and she indicates that she questions this. On Memorial Day 1989, a dedication service was held at the site of Christian Willman's and his wife, Linna's gravesites. The Charles H. ~ American Legion Post of Seaman, OH conducted the dedication. Christian Willman's gravesite was found through the research of Evalyn Rea Brothers, Jack and Eucine (Willman) Williamson, Tom and Anne (Willman) Young, Kenneth Seaman and others. The cemetery was cleared of brush and the original field stone set in a new marker. From article of Margaret Evalyn Rea Brothers, written for Adams ~ History Book, published in 1989: Christian Willman with his parents, Johnn Adam and Elizabeth ~ brothers Conrad, Hendrick, Wilhelm and sister Maria left Bonn, ~ sailing from Amsterdam on the ship Adolph and landing at ~ on 27 August 1785. Christian's travels eventually took him through Pennsylvania to Washington, Mason Co., KY, where he is shown as a taxpayer in the ~ Census of KY. He served with Captain Smith's Co. of the 1st KY Dragoons and with John Payne's Co. of Col. James V. Balls ~ the War of 1812. Christian, his wife Belinda (Linna) and children came to Adams ~ 1812 or 1813, settling in the Wheat Ridge area. He died 4 Sept ~ is buried in the Willman Family Cemetery on Tater Ridge Road, ~ OH. Belinda is believed to be buried beside of him. Christian appears to have had many children according to census information, but the only known are Adam, James Vincent, ~ Henry. There may also have been a Boyd. From material written by Mary Willman Swisshelm: "Christopher or Christain Willman came from Germany in a sail boat ~ stow-a-way near 1750. People were coming to settle in this ~ brought cows, hogs and chickens which afforded part of their food ~ journey. Chris was 15 years old when he came and his only ~ belonging was a Stradivarius violin. He migrated to KY and lived ~ before he came to OH. He was a veteran of Revolutionary War. He ~ buried on James Seaman farm on Tater Ridge, Adams Co.,OH. There ~ graves there, supposedly, the other one, that of his wife. We do ~ know her name. His children were: Boyd, Adam, James, and Henry. Boyd - we have no account of. Adam - stayed in Adams Co., OH. James - was sheriff of Adams Co., OH for several terms before ~ Nebraska, near 1840 where he bought 600 acres of land. Nebraska ~ built on this land. He had 2 sons, John and William. William ~ in Missouri next to Nebraska line. Henry - went to Civil War and did not return, but was later found ~ in Aurora, IN. He is buried there. He married Lucinda Thompson, ~ grandmother, and they had one son, William. Henry did not return ~ was and Lucinda married our grandfather, William Willman." Since Mary wrote this, research has shown evidence that Christian ~ over with his parents and siblings in 1785, and that he served in ~ of 1812. The earlier immigration date and Revolutionary War ~ Christian Willman had persisted for several decades within the ~ Willman families. Christian and his wife, Linna sold their property in Washington, ~ Co., KY Feb 2, 1816 to Joshua Owens, but they actually came to OH in 1812/13.