Person:Christian Miller (9)

Christian Daniel Miller
  • HChristian Daniel Miller1708 - 1801
  • WAnna Mishlerabt 1710 - bef 1829
m. abt 1721
  1. John Millerabt 1721 - 1798
  2. Millerabt 1729 -
  3. Christian Miller1734 - bet 1774-1777
  4. Nicholas Miller1735 - bef 1786
  5. Peter Miller1740 -
  6. Abraham Miller1741 - 1812
  7. Isaac Millerabt 1743 - 1785
Facts and Events
Name Christian Daniel Miller
Gender Male
Birth? 1708
Marriage abt 1721 to Anna Mishler
Death? 1801 , Berks, Pennsylvania
Reference Number? 1668
  1.   Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Family History Library. Finding an IGI Source : Resource Guide.
  2.   Letter from Joan Vandenberg in 1980's
  3.   Biography: Christian Miller of Shade Township by Leroy V. Baldwin

    Christian Miller received a warrant dated 1793 fro 220 acres of land lying between Miller and Huskin's runs in the vicinity of The Coffee Hill School. The assessment records disclose that Miller resided here as early as 1776. His name is also found in later lists.
  4.   Berks County Revolutionary War Soldiers, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Battalion 1777 and 1778

    From Pennsylvania Archives 3:6:275-322, Contributed by Katharine F. Dix
    Transcribed and Edited by Judy Nelson

    First Battalion 1777 and 1778

    Capt. Shradles's Company

    Hertzler, Christian
    Hertzley, Christian
    Hertzter, Jacob

    Hochstedlar, John Jr.
    Hochstedlar, John Sr.

    Leman, John

    Miller, Christian
    Miller, Jacob
    Miller, Jacob
    Miller, Peter
  5.   (S. Duane Kauffman, Miffliln County Amish and Mennonite Story, 1791-1991, pp. 19-20).

    "Of the 1737 passengers on the Charming Nancy, Jacob Beiler, Christian Burki, Christian Hershberger, Christian Kurtz, Christian Lichti, Jacob Mast, Abraham Miller, Christian Miller, Jacob Miller, Ulrich Spicker, Henry Stehly, and Hans Zimmerman found their way to the Irish Creek and Northkill areas."
  6.   Gingerich & Krieder, Amish & Amish Mennonite Genealogies, (Pequea Publishing, Gordonville, PA. 1986.) p. 269 offers up the following:
    "Among the many well-known Amish names on the 9/15/1749 ship list are Hannes Miller, Jacob Miller, Christian Miller, Peter Miller, Jacob Mishler, Joseph Mishler, Benedict Lehman, David Miller, and Abraham Kurtz. It seems likely that three or more of the MILLERs named above were members of the Miller family under consideration. Since the real name of Wounded John's son John was Hannas, it's likely that Wounded John's real name was also that and the Hannes Miller listed might well have been "Wounded John."
  7.   We have two options of Christian's arrive either in 1737 on the Charming Nancy or in 1749 on, I'm not sure of the ship name. Either way the children were born in Switzerland with the exception of Peter, Abraham and Issac on the first option or all of them on the second option.