Person:Christian Creager (3)

Christian Creager
m. 1768
  1. Adam Creager1758 - 1764
  2. Henrich Creager1769 -
  3. Solomon Creager1772 - 1826
  4. Christian Creager1774 - 1836
  5. Peter Creager1777 - 1849
  6. Anna Catharina Creager1779 - 1833
  7. Frederick Creager1780 -
  8. Anna Maria Creager1785 - 1816
  9. Casper Creager1786 -
  10. Wilhelm William Creager1788 - 1789
  11. John William Creager1790 - 1864
m. 30 May 1800
  1. John Creager1804 - 1805
  2. Michael Creager1806 - 1891
  3. Emanuel Creager1811 - 1891
  4. Henry Creager1815 - 1889
  5. John Christian Creager1817 - 1897
Facts and Events
Name[1] Christian Creager
Gender Male
Birth? 26 Sep 1774 Frederick, Maryland, United States
Baptism[1] 29 Oct 1774
Confirmation? 29 Mar 1793 Evangelical Luthern Ch,Frederick ,Maryland
Marriage 30 May 1800 Frederick County,Marylandto Anna Mary Wolf
Other? 1812 Bought land from John Henry Creager in Van Buren Township,Montgomery Co.,Ohio
Other? 1812 Left Frederick Co. Maryland
Death? 8 Apr 1836 Montgomery, Ohio, United States
Burial? 1836 David's Cemetery,Dayton,Montgomery,Ohio

1801 April 11

Christian Creager was mentioned in the will of his father Adam Creager.

In 1812 Christian and Mary with three of their children, Charlotte, Michael and Emanuel and with Christian's brothers[Peter Creager & Wife, Eve Albaugh; Frederick Creager and wife, Margaretha Schruff; and probably John William Creager] and their families and neighbor families removed to Ohio carved from the Northwest Territory. The families probably traveled via a covered wagon caravan with their domesticated farm animals as was the custom of the day. Travel in this manner would have been slow through the numerous hills, mountains, and dense forests of Pennsylvania and Virginia. If a stream could not be forded, rafts were constructed for the journey forward. They would have come through the Cumberland Gap into Kentucky. Some of the families ended their journey in Bracken County, Kentucky while others including the Creager brothers continued toe trek into Montgomery County, Ohio.

Christian's first land purchase was recorded on 9 June 1814, as he purchased 34 acres from his first cousin, John Henry Creager (s/o Concrad Creager), for $100.


This is the name given to a society of worshipers who assemble in the southern part of the township, on the Lebanon Turnpike, in what is called the Creager neighborhood.

About the year 1825 or 1826, a society of "Reformed Church" people, that had been organized for some years previous to the above date, became divided upon the question of language. A part of the congregation were German and a part English. The Germans were opposed to having the services rendered in the English tongue; so those who were desirous of having English services, united and formed a church of their own.

The original church was known as Zion Church, and was located down on the Bottom-land, near the river, but across the line in Miami Township. The new society was organized by Rev. David Winters, and assembled at various private houses for worship, until a place of meeting was provided. Among the prominent movers in this enterprises was Lewis Lechlieder, Henry Rike and John Rike, his son; Samuel Himes, Jonathan Whipp, Henry Diehl, Henry and Christian Creager, a family named Hork, the Snyders, and others. Christian Creager was the first Elder. He gave the land for the new church, and the logs to build it with. He was a carpenter by trade, and did the necessary work in that line, while others contributed in various ways, so that they soon had a church of their own. This was named 'David's' Church, in honor of Rev. David Winters, who was the first pastor, and for over fifty years the only one who labored with them. The present pastor is the Rev. M. Loucks.

The present church building is of brick. It is finely situated in a quiet spot, not far from the main road. Adjoining the church lot is the 'Creager' burying ground, a well ordered rural cemetery, which is a continuation of one of the early graveyards of the same locality.

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